Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wind turbine UFO hits clean energy ideas

By Steve Hammons

Ever since an energy-generating wind turbine near Conisholme, England, was damaged on Jan. 4, 2009, and witnesses reported glowing objects with "tentacles" there at the same time, interest by the international public and news media has been significant.

One of three 20-meter blades torn off and another was severely damaged. Ecotricity, the operator of the 213-foot-high wind turbines, and the manufacturer, German firm Enercon, are trying to determine the cause of the damage.

Around the world, newspapers, TV stations, Web sites, blogs and other communication platforms have been talking about the "UFO" that may have collided with, or otherwise damaged the wind turbine somehow.


Some journalists in the UK and internationally have reported on this incident in a professional and straightforward manner. Other writers and broadcasters have poked fun at the idea of a UFO as the cause of the damage.

In all news coverage though, a link between the idea of UFOs and the wind turbine has been established. Some headlines have had fun with this connection:

"Do Space Aliens Dislike Wind Power, or Are They Just Clumsy?" asked a New York Times Web site headline.

"Aliens hate green energy," the Discovery Magazine online headline said.

"We tried to be green but the aliens wouldn't let us," an Asian-based Web site headline stated.

An Australian Web site headline asked, "UFO damages wind turbine – Aliens not alternative energy fans?"

An article on the Web site of the UK newspaper The Mail took a different view – that the UFO beings were smart to damage the wind turbines because the devices interfere with the scenic beauty of the countryside. "Proof at last... aliens in UFOs are far more intelligent than we are," claimed the headline.

Of course, the entire topic of UFOs and visitors to Earth from other planets and/or dimensions is a subject that often results in ridicule and disbelief. So, linking this common ridicule with wind energy technology would seem inevitable.


Some writers, publications and Web sites who cover alternative energy and technology are also noting the incident as a way to capitalize on the publicity.

They are using the incident in order to inform the public, media and policy makers about wind turbine technology and other forms and benefits of clean, sustainable energy sources.

They point out that though it is understandable for people to poke fun at the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials, alternative and clean energy is no laughing matter.

Some international tension is directly linked to dependence on, and supplies of oil and natural gas.

Our economies are stressed by the costs and inefficiencies of conventional fuels.

Massive amounts of greenhouse gases from petroleum and coal use are causing significant pollution in our atmosphere and may be contributing to some kinds of climate change.

As a result, human and wildlife habitats around the planet could be altered in very problematic ways, including devastating impacts on human agriculture and food supplies.

Melting ice caps and glaciers could raise sea levels to disastrous proportions. Meanwhile, supplies of freshwater could be in danger.

So, although the wind turbine UFO case may be puzzling, frightening or humorous, it is bringing attention to alternative clean energy ideas and technology.


Many witnesses near the site of the wind turbine, and witnesses elsewhere in the UK and United States, report a glowing object that looked like a pulsing "jellyfish" or "octopus" with "tentacles."

Interestingly, one researcher says this visual effect is related to a form of energy and the tentacles are "constantly changing, torque-generating plasma beams," associated with a propulsion system and a "magnetoplasmadynamic" or "magnetohydrodynamic(MHD)" field. This field can be visible when a craft is slowing down or moving very slowly over an uneven surface, he said.

The idea that advanced energy technology is associated with UFOs is not new. Some investigators, and common sense, tell us that if some UFOs are advanced craft that are not human-made, they are probably not burning coal or using a petroleum-fueled engine.

However, for UFOs that might actually be advanced secret human-made aircraft – and some undoubtedly are – it is possible that jet fuel and more conventional engines are being used.

There are people in the field of UFO research who suspect that our governments may have secret knowledge of advanced methods of propulsion and energy-generating technology. And some people advocate releasing this technology to the public so that humanity can benefit.

If our governments secretly have understanding of relatively clean, efficient and low-cost energy technology related to extraterrestrial craft, then we should use it more widely, they say.

Another connection between UFO lore and clean energy that some people allege has to do with visions, predictions or information about an ecological disaster on Earth.

There have been repeated references to this among various people who claim to have had very close encounters with extraterrestrials. Some say that an ecological disaster on this planet is something to be very concerned about, and is something the "visitors" are concerned about.

For those who wonder about these topics, another question might come to mind: Could the damage to the wind turbine, and the public appearance of UFOs for witnesses to observe have been intentional?

Like some other UFO sightings and phenomena like crop circles, it seems clear that someone or something actually wants these things to be seen by us.

And, they may be communicating messages – messages that may be unclear or indirect, but ones that steer us in a direction of greater progress, prosperity, intelligence and understanding.