Sunday, December 14, 2008

Public acclimation on UFOs helps understanding

By Steve Hammons

The new movie The Day the Earth Stood Still can be interpreted as creative fiction, film nostalgia, Hollywood hype or even a reflection of real truths about the current conditions facing the human race.

Is it also another step in public acclimation and preparedness about actual situations?

The film is the latest in a long line of movies, TV shows, non-fiction books, fact-based novels and other creative works that explore visitation to Earth by beings we do not fully understand and situations that are beyond our complete understanding.

In addition, other phenomena that may be science fiction or science fact are often looked at in conjunction with the topic of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), extraterrestrial visitation and similar subjects.

These related topics include ideas and speculation about advanced technology, space travel, time travel, the existence of co-existing dimensions, an afterlife and angels, extrasensory perception (ESP), telepathy and similar ideas.

Another part of discussions and questions about these kinds of phenomena include reports, rumors and assumptions regarding activities by Earth governments, groups and researchers who are dealing with these kinds of things.

What kinds of activities are going on? How are they being conducted and why might various people and groups be involved in them?

What is the involvement of average people in such topics and why might their involvement be relevant or important?


Some reports and accounts over the years allege a realization among certain elements of defense, scientific and social science communities that average people need to be prepared to deal with new discoveries and situations.

According to this line of thinking, a safe and steady preparation of the general population might be the best way to acclimate people about developments that could be quite surprising. Mass media platforms such as movies, TV, books and other methods could be helpful in opening minds and helping people think about these ideas on unusual, though possibly very natural, phenomena.

However, discoveries in quantum physics, military and intelligence research into ESP, classified operations related to UFOs and similar activities might have triggered more questions than answers.

Presenting complete disclosure to the public could be quite difficult because the investigation of these kinds of situations may be ongoing. In some cases, perhaps all the facts are not yet available to us, even among "insiders."

When there are unknowns and uncertainties, government and defense officials as well as average people can become worried and anxious because we naturally want to know all the facts about a given situation.

The concept of acclimation might just a way to provide information, education and perspective about various conventional and unconventional subjects that is not necessarily the complete story. However, acclimation may move us along on a path of preparedness and greater understanding.


Ongoing research and discoveries in quantum physics apparently keep amazing and puzzling scientists. Many of them seem to indicate that the Universe is different than we might have thought. The Universe may operate in ways that are quite surprising.

There may actually be different dimensions of reality that border one another. Our understanding of time and space, gravity, the relationships between solid matter and underlying energy may be amazing and a little hard to grasp.

Another example is the potential and natural abilities of humans.

As we continue to learn more about human genetics and DNA, brain studies and neuroscience, consciousness and spirituality, some interesting elements about us have reportedly emerged.

For example, U.S. defense and intelligence research programs in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s reportedly discovered that ESP could be used for intelligence gathering.

The so-called “Project STAR GATE” became an overall code name for research into what was called “remote viewing,” or perceiving information using only the human mind. In this government activity, rigorous scientific supervision reportedly validated the remote viewing techniques, protocols and valuable results.

Remote viewing became an example of what has been termed “transcendent warfare.” This refers to utilizing a wider array of knowledge and intelligence when looking at national defense and worldwide developments.

Taking the idea of transcendent warfare further, similar phrases such as “transcendent concepts” and “transcendent activities” can include endeavors and understanding that are not directly related to our ideas of military methods, war and conflict.

Rather, transcendent understanding and methods can be used to prevent and avoid warfare and conflict. Transcendent approaches can be used for humanitarian operations and peace operations.

When we watch a movie like The Day the Earth Stood Still, we might wonder if allowing ourselves to consider fantastic possibilities such as those in the film is part of transcendent development and public acclimation.

Awareness, perception and perspectives about a wide variety of topics including UFOs, ESP, quantum physics and the nature of the human race seem to be ongoing processes.

Absolute knowledge and complete understanding may not be possible or even desirable.

Many people have noted that “mysterious ways” are key traits of nature, the Universe and any larger intelligence that may be guiding developments. These mysterious ways are yet another topic that might be worthy of research and greater understanding. Mysterious ways themselves may be part of our acclimation and part of emerging transcendent phenomena.