Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More UFOs reported over Ohio

By Steve Hammons

Recent reports of UFOs spotted in Ohio’s skies may remind us of past incidents over the years in that state.

For example, the 35th anniversary of the so-called "Coyne incident" over Mansfield, in central-northeastern Ohio, recently passed without much notice.

In that Oct. 18, 1973, case, four members of the Army Reserve were in their military helicopter flying from Columbus to Cleveland when a UFO flew in very close proximity to their chopper.

At one critical point, the pilot, fearing a collision, quickly positioned the chopper’s controls for a descent. Interestingly, the chopper’s altimeter showed that it was actually gaining altitude.

This is a very well-documented case and crew members actually completed a formal report for the Army Reserve.

The crew included pilot and aircraft commander Capt. Lawrence J. Coyne, a 19-year veteran of the Army Reserve. The co-pilot was Lt. Arrigo Jezzi. The others onboard were crew chief Specialist 5 Robert Yanacek and flight medic Sgt. John Healey.

The "Trumbull County incident" occurred Dec. 14, 1994, in northeastern Ohio. In that case, peace officers from multiple regional law enforcement and public safety agencies pursued a large object that intermittently emitted bright lights of various colors.

This case was made into a TV documentary segment and police radio transmissions have provided good documentation of the incident.

An earlier northeast Ohio UFO case gained public attention in the movies. It has been reported that the police chase of UFOs in the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind was based on an incident on April 17, 1966, in Portage County. In this pursuit, officers from various police agencies followed a UFO into Pennsylvania.

In addition, reports of UFOs spotted over Lake Erie, on Ohio’s northern border, have sparked curiosity and theories.

Ohio is also home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, in the southwestern area of the state. "Wright-Patt" has long been rumored to be the location where crash debris, and possibly extraterrestrial bodies, were taken after the "Roswell incident."


Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author Linda Moulton Howe has recently been reporting on more eastern Ohio incidents on her Web site

Howe recently reported an account by truck driver Tim Comstock that was accompanied by photos from his cell phone camera.

Near the town of Empire, Ohio, Oct. 23, 2008, at 3:45 a.m., Comstock noticed several cars pulled over to the side of the road, drivers looking at something nearby.

Comstock says he first saw a brightly lit object the size of a large pickup truck apparently slowly rising above a tree line. Then, he spotted a much larger dark object that included three bluish lights in a triangular pattern. The bright object appeared to be rising toward the larger object.

He said that larger object was "about the size of a large shopping mall and parking lot."Comstock said he took photos with his cell phone camera that caught both the brightly-lit object and the three bluish lights in the triangular formation. These were posted by Howe on

While the huge triangular craft seemed solid, Comstock told Howe that the brightly lit object "didn't look like anything mechanical by any means. To me, it looked like a cocoon."

"When I saw it, I was trying to take everything in and that's immediately what I thought when I saw it – that it was organic. That's the feeling that I got. I didn't think it could be anything else. It just came across as something organic," Comstock told Howe.

Subsequent to this report, Howe learned of other witnesses. A security officer, "Sarah," was reportedly on duty approximately three-tenths of a mile north of Comstock’s location that morning.

Sarah told Howe she saw lights in a triangular configuration. Below these lights, she spotted an "orange-yellow, glowing object" that she termed a "pod."

Sarah said she first started seeing the triangular-shaped lights in the region in early August 2008.

Yet another witness contacted Howe with a similar sighting. This time the incident was due west of the Empire area in the town of Midvale, in eastern Ohio’s Tuscarawas County, at approximately 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 2, 2008.

Midvale resident "Joy" told Howe that she glanced out her window and saw a "very large, orange-yellow-white-colored ‘orb.’"

Joy claimed, "The orb didn’t seem to keep one shape. I saw it at the edge of the tree line behind my house." She said the brightly-lit object reminded her of an amoeba under a microscope. She also stated she saw three lights in a triangular pattern above the orb.


Of course, the "usual suspects" to explain these kinds of events include secret advanced U.S. aircraft or spacecraft related to extraterrestrial visitors.

Other possibilities blend these two theories. Unidentified secret U.S. craft could be using extraterrestrial technology or actual ET craft, but are piloted by U.S. personnel. Or, U.S. personnel could be flying in joint operations with ET visitors with whom we have working relationships.

Some objects could be unmanned devices of some kinds, perhaps for reconnaissance or some other unknown purposes.

UFOs that seem to be glowing lights or energy, rather than solid metallic-like craft offer other possibilities. Could they themselves be forms of life? Could they be forms of consciousness – extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional or human?

As responsible researchers, journalists and average people continue to inquire about these encounters, we seem to get more pieces of the puzzle.

The most recent incidents in Ohio are more examples of anomalous and currently unidentified (at least to the public) flying objects that apparently have visited Ohio and many other places.

Is Ohio more prone to UFO sightings than other areas of the U.S. and the world? Probably not. Unusual objects in the skies have been reported all over the nation and the planet.

Ohioans who have had these kinds of close encounters join many other people on Earth who wonder about what might be going on.