Friday, March 28, 2014

Future of human consciousness involves ‘third eye’ pineal gland?

By Steve Hammons

The pineal gland is a small, pine cone-shaped gland variously reported to be about the size of a grain of rice or a pea, and located in the center of the human brain between the two hemispheres, above and behind the pituitary gland.

It is also referred to as the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis and "third eye." The name “pineal” is derived from the root word “pinea,” Latin for “pine cone.” 

From ancient human history to modern scientific research, the pineal gland is linked with human consciousness and special awareness and perception. It has been explored as part of various spiritual traditions throughout human history.

René Descartes, the French philosopher (1596-1650), called the gland “the seat of the soul” and referenced it in some of his writings.

The gland contains photoreceptor cells and tissue, rods and cones, like those in the eye. And, reportedly, like the eye, it is connected to the brain’s visual cortex.


The pineal is involved in the production of the hormone melatonin, a chemical that responds to, and regulates our responses to light and darkness, the seasons and sleep patterns. The gland is also associated with the production of the important neurotransmitter serotonin.

Other species of animals also have a parallel gland. The pineal contains magnetite, the magnetic material found in birds and other animals that is believed to be associated with navigation. The pineal appears to be possibly or partially inactive or dormant in other species too, like it is in many or most humans.

The so-called “opening of the third eye,” or increased activation of the pineal, is associated with an alleged neurological phenomena often called “the rising of the kundalini” in the Hindu tradition. 

This process is suspected to be the manifestation of some type of cohesive energy that integrates and rises within and around the spinal cord and in the brain and human consciousness. It apparently involves some type of sub-neurological quantum energy.

Medical researcher Rick Strassman, MD, of the University of New Mexico, has conducted research suggesting to him that the pineal gland may be associated with the neurotransmitter dimethyltryptamine (DMT), nicknamed “the spirit molecule.” The pineal is also associated with other neurotransmitter chemicals linked to certain types and levels of consciousness.

In addition, the gland is believed to be connected with aging. The pineal goes through phases of transition in childhood, puberty and adult aging. The pineal may become less active as we age. 

The accumulation of certain chemicals in the body and other factors in our modern environment might also play a role in diminishing the healthy functioning of the gland, some researchers claim. However, there are theories about how healthy activity of the pineal gland can be restored.


Various forms of meditation, Yoga, health practices and other innovative approaches are reported to help activate the pineal gland. Many people believe that these kinds of activities assisting with the stimulation of the pineal help people perceive and tap into spiritual and quantum dimensions and realities. General psychological, emotional and physical health might also be improved. 

During the opening of the third eye a number of cascading physiological, neurological, biochemical, psychological and emotional effects may occur, according to some researchers.

The process may occur sporadically and intermittently, and it may have components that are disorienting, confusing or even upsetting to the person experiencing them.

At the same time, many of these effects may be quite pleasant or even blissful, giving the experiencer the feeling of connectedness and wholeness with larger spiritual realities that can reportedly be very comforting and insightful.

What each of us has become accustomed to as our “normal” consciousness might be changed in significant ways by the activation of the pineal gland and the kundalini process.

If increased healthy activity of the pineal gland were to occur within the human population at a more robust rate and scope, and effective perception of spiritual and quantum realities also increased as a result, human evolution could take a leap forward.

Such a development might be helpful in getting us to, and past an important tipping point in the development of our species. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Largest UFO conference in US wraps up in Phoenix

By Steve Hammons

It’s not just about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the beings reportedly aboard some of them. It’s bigger, wider, deeper.

That is one of the insights gained by many of the people who attended the five-day 23rd annual International UFO Congress conference near Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona, Feb. 12-16.

From national security considerations to spiritual perspectives, from the far reaches of the Universe to our struggling planet Earth here and now, speakers and attendees explored dozens of key aspects of, and possible connections to the UFO phenomena.

Hundreds of people from around the country and other countries attended the fascinating presentations by speakers, panel discussions, evening gatherings and other activities. Visitors also enjoyed perfect weather – sunny days with highs in the mid-80s and mostly clear nights for sky watching (night-vision equipment was also available).

Approximately 1,000 people attended each day with a total of about 2,500 probably attending, according to local news reports. Many other people around the U.S. and around the world learned about the conference on the International UFO Congress website.

The conference organizers, Open Minds Production of Tempe, Arizona, recruited speakers who covered a variety of topics ranging from mainstream scientific views to very forward-leaning perspectives about what could be going on.


The many unknowns and mysteries associated with the UFO situation create wonderful opportunities for professional, paraprofessional and amateur researchers to try to learn more and gain more understanding. This appeared to be happening at the International UFO Congress in significant ways. The sharing of experiences, information and perspectives provided plenty of food for thought.

While some talks at the conference embraced some very mind-expanding concepts, other speakers tackled the nuts and bolts of the recent history of UFOs in somewhat more conventional historical terms.

Conference attendees were told that, yes, a very special craft of some kind crashed near Roswell in July 1947 and was promptly flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in southwestern Ohio for examination by top engineers, scientists and defense officials.

In the 1950s and ‘60s sightings of a variety of types of UFOs continued to be seen in the U.S. and internationally. As a result, semi-open public investigation programs such as Project BLUE BOOK were put in place. Behind the scenes other research and response activities also reportedly were implemented.

The situation has continued to develop to the present day. How has it developed? That seems to be the complex question at hand.

The UFO phenomena provided an overarching fabric of the International UFO Congress, yet that topic also served as a way to approach possible other new discoveries that could be related in certain ways.

Several speakers examined unusual, anomalous phenomena that do not always appear to be directly connected to the many kinds of UFOs that have been reported. Yet, there are indications of various types of connections, according to some views.

For example, physicists and others speculate that there could be hidden dimensions in our Universe. And there might be points of connection and interaction between our “normal” world and other worlds. Portals, doors, wormholes, star gates and pathways may exist.

If so, where are they? What do they do and how do they work? Where do they go? Who uses them, and why?

Some conference speakers noted that our planet and human societies are in trouble. There are a significant number of serious challenges and problems of many kinds facing the human race and this planet we are living on. Of course, the human race itself is a huge part of the problem, certain presenters noted.

One view is that there may be intelligent beings – of several kinds – who might be able to assist us. According to some of the speakers, this help may be available and has been in the pipeline and in the form of discreet and mysterious interventions currently underway.


Can new discoveries and insights help us? And are there serious dangers that we should also be aware of and prepared for? What roles do the media play? If kind and friendly beings are nearby and can provide help, why is so much suffering and destruction continuing on Earth?

These are some of the questions considered by speakers and attendees at the conference.

However, if we look around our world in new ways, look to Nature and Mother Earth, look to the skies and into ourselves, there are solid clues and indications worth paying attention to, according to several of the speakers.

These clues may involve a variety of phenomena from discoveries in physics to crop circles, from the theorized dimension of Heaven to healing miracles here on Earth. And from odd coincidences to meaningful signs and messages in our daily lives. There are also other existing and emerging phenomena that are fascinating and maybe hopeful, the conference audience was told.

Some speakers counseled attendees to keep their eyes open for these realities. They may show themselves through Nature, through our relationships and through the human heart.

Fundamental to the discussion at the conference was the issue of how our human consciousness can try to accurately understand what might be going on in these areas. How can we determine what is true and what might be the best paths to follow to make more progress?

More questions … a few answers … and then more mysteries.

But by asking these questions and looking honestly into the many puzzle pieces involved in the UFO phenomena, those at the International UFO Congress, and all of us, might someday make further discoveries and a significant breakthrough.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

UFO situation awareness: Phoenix conference hosts scientists, researchers, media, public

By Steve Hammons

An upcoming conference in the Phoenix, Arizona, region next week seems to have the potential to expand knowledge and understanding about an apparently challenging, sensitive and complex situation … visitation to Earth by intelligent beings from elsewhere.

The 23rd annual International UFO Congress begins Wednesday, Feb. 12 and continues through Sunday, Feb. 16. The conference has become a significant research and educational platform where updated perspectives are shared and opportunities for further insight are identified. 

Ripples outward from the conference into the media and general public about the UFO situation and related subjects also serve these interesting and important educational efforts.

Speakers include an astrobiologist, astrophysicist, theologian, Army colonel, university professors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, media personalities, researchers and respected authors. 

Some of the speakers wear more than one hat as they leverage their unique backgrounds to learn more, and communicate more, about the UFO situation and other forward-leaning research into interesting and important emerging developments.

Do conference speakers, attendees and the general public have “a need to know” about these kinds of topics?

Some people might be surprised by how much information on the situation is already public. But for those at the leading edge of research into these subjects, there always seems to be more information to gather and interpret, more research to be conducted, more mysteries to try to understand, more puzzle pieces to try to put together.


The 2014 conference is being held at the Fort McDowell Resort and Casino, with the Fort McDowell Radisson next door as the host hotel. These facilities are located on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, a local Native American community near north Scottsdale and Fountain Hills in the northeast corner of the metropolitan Phoenix area.

The public is invited to attend some or all of the conference and film festival. Various rates are available for those wishing to enjoy parts of the conference and related activities and events. More information on attendance pricing is available on the International UFO Congress website. The website also includes information on the speakers, schedule, film festival and related topics.

This year’s speakers have significant backgrounds, as have those in previous conferences. Some well-known TV, radio and media personalities will be speaking. Researchers and authors from the scientific and defense fields will also give presentations. Other speakers approach UFOs and related interesting phenomena from their own unique perspectives and backgrounds.

Attendees at this year’s International UFO Congress will no doubt arrive in Phoenix from around the country and around the world. The UFO phenomenon is truly a global situation and is a subject of keen interest of millions of people, including national governments and their defense organizations.

From all indications based on the decades of research by determined and dedicated investigators (those we know about and those we don’t), there seems to be a real situation on our hands that is vitally important for the human race and planet Earth.

As a result, we might be wise to try to improve our “situation awareness” about these kinds of subjects.

Hope springs eternal for many of those researching the UFO topic. Over the years and decades, a vast amount of information has been released, discovered or put forward in various ways that inform, educate and prepare people about what is going on … or at least parts of what is going on.

Some researchers seem to see light at the end of the tunnel, or at the end of the wormhole or star gate.

However, there have been many reports about aspects of the situation that could be very concerning, and impact public health and safety, as well as national and global defense. It may be a very mixed situation, with many elements in play, some investigators indicate.


The International UFO Congress will provide a valuable opportunity to improve public understanding about the apparent spacecraft and other phenomena in the sky (and sometimes on the ground) as well as who is responsible for them (or aboard them).

The UFO situation impacts the human race and our nations and societies in many ways, credible researchers have stated. Even though it has allegedly been regarded as a top-secret matter in the U.S. and internationally for decades, there reportedly have been parallel activities to gradually educate and prepare us for certain surprising and challenging developments. 

The International UFO Congress in Phoenix will probably be quite helpful in this regard.

Spring comes early in the Arizona Sonoran Desert, where Phoenix is located. The short and mild winter season will just be winding down in February and warmer spring temperatures are sure to follow in March. Conference speakers and attendees might be able to enjoy sunny days in the 60- and 70-degree range. Locals have noted that, so far, the Sonoran Desert winter this year has been beautiful, with weeks of sunny days in the mid-70s.

Generally clear nights should provide excellent scanning of the starry skies, especially away from the city lights on the outskirts of the metro area where the conference is being held.

Some conference visitors may want to take the short drive up the I-17 freeway to Sedona and the beautiful “Red Rock Country.” There they can experience the mysterious magnetic energy “vortexes” that are reportedly part of larger geologic and magnetic anomalies in the Sedona region. Plenty of odd encounters and sightings have been reported in the Sedona area over the years.

The fact that the well-known “Phoenix lights”  case occurred right over the metropolitan Phoenix “Valley of the Sun” back on March 13, 1997, will no doubt be on the minds of conference speakers and attendees.

Could something like that happen again? Or, might some other significant development or multiple developments take place in conjunction with the 23rd annual International UFO Congress conference? 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Science of Sedona: Electrical engineer explores magnetic energy ‘vortexes’

By Steve Hammons

For many years, stories and reports about the Sedona, Arizona, region have included claims of “vortexes” or energy streams and fields that affect people and the environment there in various ways. 

Many people claim they experience unusual and sometimes beneficial effects on their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states when exposed to these energies.

But these reports have been anecdotal and experiential. That is, people have reported interesting personal experiences, but there was little scientific evidence to support or explain such statements.

Phoenix-based electrical engineer Benjamin Lonetree has examined these claims using various scientific instruments and methods for more than a decade. He concludes that there are measurable outflows and inflows of magnetic energy in the Sedona area that do affect the environment of the region, including human consciousness.

Lonetree’s research is explained on his website

As has been reported by others, Lonetree agrees that the Sedona area’s geology is a key factor. High content of iron oxide (causing the red rock and soil there) combined with substantial quartz deposits in the area seem to play important roles in this phenomena, he says.


Lonetree also has attempted to correlate connections between magnetic energy activities in the Sedona area and human consciousness.

By measuring human brainwaves of people (including himself) in the vortex areas using a portable EEG device, and matching that data with real-time measurements of environmental magnetic energies using a magnetometer, Lonetree says there appear to be clear relationships between the vortex energy and human brainwaves.

Since the human body (and that of many other mammals) contains magnetically-sensitive magnetite, there is a logical mainstream explanation for some of the possible effects on people from Sedona’s magnetic energies, Lonetree explains.

The composition of the geology in the Sedona area includes the high iron oxide in the sandstone, limestone, in combination with volcanic basalt embedded with high quantities of quartz (referred to as latites which contain 5 percent to 20 percent quartz).

Lonetree and others theorize that the Earth’s magnetic energy is being significantly affected by this geology.

In his research, Lonetree notes that a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) report about an aerial survey of the Sedona region found magnetic anomalies throughout the entire area. On his website he includes the following three excerpts from the USGS report:

- "The Precambrian crystalline basement is the most likely source of the broad magnetic high in the Sedona area. The long-wavelength nature of the magnetic high indicates that the source of the anomaly is buried."

- "The latites, on the other hand, often are extruded from volcanic plugs and thus tend to produce intense, somewhat 'circular' magnetic anomalies (often as magnetic lows, because the latites are generally reversely polarized)."

- "Geologic structures (such as faults or igneous intrusions) often produce small magnetic fields that 'distort' the main magnetic field of the Earth."

In addition, the quartz crystals themselves also emit magnetic forces, Lonetree states. So, there may be combinations of sources for, and effects of the magnetic fields in the Sedona area, he indicates.


How do these magnetic forces, fields and flows affect humans? Do they simply affect the magnetite in our bodies? Or, are there more profound connections too?

Lonetree speculates that there could be effects that we do not yet fully understand.

The layers and combinations of natural minerals and other factors could result in the region having characteristics similar to a type of natural transistor, transmitter or receiver or some kind, Lonetree points out.

Additionally, he notes that there are ancient volcanic lava shafts or tubes with distinct mineral composition in the region. These may provide channels for the geomagnetic energy being emitted from within the Earth resulting in a spinning or vortex form of energy.

That outflow of magnetic energy then returns to Earth nearby as an inflow vortex, Lonetree says. These outflows and inflows may affect humans in different ways.

And what about the idea put forth by many that Sedona may actually be connected to other dimensions through unique combinations of Earth energies and other natural forces? Could that explain the many other reports over the decades about unusual sightings, encounters and experiences in the Sedona area?

Lonetree does agree with what a Navajo man once told him … that Sedona is a place where Mother Earth speaks to us. Lonetree’s research has proven to him that this viewpoint is scientifically valid.

Sedona may truly be a unique place where our connectedness to this planet, Nature and ourselves is especially strong and clear.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Are we ready for more UFO and other disclosure? Yes and no

By Steve Hammons

It’s a question on the minds of many people and has been for several decades now: Can the American and international public deal with information about visitors from other planets and maybe other dimensions?

It probably depends on who you ask. It also may depend on how much and what kind of information we are talking about.

We don’t need to look very far to see that some people apparently prefer to be in total denial about visitors from elsewhere. For example, even when presented with solid evidence and strong indications that advanced spacecraft (not ours) are flying in our skies, many people choose not to face facts.

However, maybe that’s understandable.

There have been decades of efforts to label people as kooks and nuts if they are interested in UFOs, extraterrestrials and other kinds of unconventional topics.

Some people certainly can be mentally unsound in various ways. Yet, reasonable interest and normal curiosity about UFOs, visitors from elsewhere and other subjects are probably healthy and can indicate that a person is thinking logically and intelligently.


Actually, it seems like common sense. In the case of UFOs, objects in the sky (sometimes at low altitudes) and on the ground have been clearly seen and reported by highly-reliable witnesses. These objects, some appearing to be advanced spacecraft, have appeared on radar.

It seems somewhat kooky to pretend that these things do not exist.

These kinds of apparent spacecraft have reportedly been on the radar of our defense communities both literally and in terms of possible or probable national security issues.

One of these national security issues may be how information about the situation might affect our people in the U.S. and around the world. So, it’s not just a national security matter, it’s a global security situation.

As such, it’s serious business. And serious security measures have allegedly been implemented over the years. “Need-to-know” protocols, “operational security (OPSEC)” and other concepts used in defense activities reportedly may have played important parts in keeping certain information secret.

At the same time, according to some claims, efforts were made to start getting the American and international public ready for more information about this situation.

But how much information should the public know? What kind of information should be released? And how should such information be presented? This is where we get into details that could be interesting and hopeful, or scary and worrisome. Or, maybe all of the above.


If some visitors are friendly and want to help us, great. And what if some are hostile or just don’t have our best interests at heart, but have their own agendas and priorities? What if some of these different kinds of visitors don’t get along among themselves?

Are there conflicts, battles, cold wars or hot wars and spy operations going on behind the scenes, or in our future? Are extraterrestrials or other unconventional beings among us?

Maybe some of these visitors are basically human like we are. And what if some of them are so different-looking and different-behaving that we have a hard time dealing with those elements of the situation?

Some related developments and discoveries could be so unconventional or far out that we might naturally have trouble wrapping our minds around them. These include wormholes and star gates, time travel, telepathy and ESP, other dimensions including what we call the afterlife or Heaven, angels and other kinds of beings that are not simply from another planet, forgotten ancient histories of the human race and Planet Earth, and other subjects that we can hardly imagine or understand.

How would we, or how will we deal with more solid information about these kinds of topics? Will we be fearful? Will we be disoriented and confused?

Or, will we handle increased information and understanding about these kinds of things fairly well and adjust to them in healthy ways?

As we consider all the many moving parts of the UFO situation, along with other discoveries, maybe we can see why certain information may have been held back from the general public.

And as more such information comes to light, we will probably need to continue to be aware of potential problems and dangers, while also trying to move forward and adjust to greater acceptance about the situation at hand.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interest grows in healthy aging, anti-aging, reverse-aging, maybe transcendent aging

By Steve Hammons

Whether your age is 7, 17, 37 or 77, one thing is certain: your body is changing and aging.

Your bones, muscles, joints, organs, circulatory system, brain and neurological systems, and other parts of your body are going through changes of many kinds.

Maybe you are age 7 and would like to live to be a healthy 77 years old. 

The ways in which we grow and age can be affected by factors like disease, injuries, nutrition, exercise, stress, happiness, family and many other elements we commonly associate with health and wellness. New research shows that our genetic make-up and the DNA within every cell of our body also affect how we grow and age.

Google’s recent announcement that it is starting a company called Calico that will focus on longevity and healthy aging seems to be an important development. This is because of the key roles that information, education and communication play when it comes to healthy aging and aging-management science, behavior, lifestyles, trends, innovations and discoveries of various kinds.

With many of the post-World War II “baby boomers” now in their 60s, and millions of other middle-aged and younger people in the pipeline, there is rapidly-growing interest in the emerging area of healthy aging, anti-aging and reverse-aging.


Some of the work being done in the field of anti-aging or aging-management, such as genetic studies and pharmaceutical research, is high-tech science. Other aspects of overall health and aging, such as smart exercise and healthy eating, are more like common sense.

Preventing disease and avoiding accident injuries when possible are also steps that can be important for healthy aging. We might benefit by using “situation awareness” about disease prevention, health and wellness, as well as accident-injury prevention and safety.

Certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, various nutritional supplements and herbs are often discussed in terms of healthy aging. There has been significant research conducted on many of these nutritional support supplements and some are clearly associated with healthy aging and anti-aging.

Most of us have heard about menopause, the change-of-life phase for women that occurs around age 50. But how many of us are familiar with “andropause,” the parallel phase for males?

Andropause reportedly occurs more gradually and does not have some of the same dramatic markers as menopause in females, such as the end of menstrual periods and ability to get pregnant, sudden hormone changes, hot flashes and other challenging symptoms.

Andropause treatment for males is now growing significantly. Not only is public awareness increasing, but medical approaches such as testosterone replacement therapy (which often includes managing estrogen) for middle-aged males are also expanding. Specialty medical practices and clinics focusing on testosterone replacement therapy are now found in many major cities. Testosterone replacement therapy dovetails with other anti-aging research.


Some years ago, a Navy SEAL officer doing graduate-level studies at a defense university coined the term “transcendent warfare” in his research paper to describe recognizing, learning about and using leading-edge discoveries and perspectives that emerged from the program generally known as Project STAR GATE.

He was referring to a research program related to human consciousness, sponsored by various elements of the defense and intelligence communities in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

When it comes to healthy aging, it seems helpful to look at the concept of transcendent warfare as well as the research results from Project STAR GATE. That program explored the abilities of human consciousness and what we can accomplish with human consciousness.

That same path can be followed toward insights about healthy aging, anti-aging, reverse-aging and “transcendent aging.” Human consciousness is undoubtedly a key factor.

Mental attitude, happiness, family and romantic relationships, and stress management are also factors associated with aging. Other psychological and emotional traits that each of us have may contribute to healthy aging and anti-aging.

Our connections to the natural world could also play a role. Stress reduction includes environmental stress. Spending significant time in peaceful open country such as a forest, a lake or farmland just might be very therapeutic in terms of aging.

The same might be true about canoeing down a river or fishing at a lake or stream, enjoying the outdoors and wildlife, trees, sky, sun and clouds drifting overhead, as well as the moon and stars on a pleasant evening.

Transcendent aging may involve many elements that we are just now beginning to understand.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Area 51 confirmation prepares public for more UFO disclosure

By Steve Hammons

National and international media, mainstream and otherwise, had fun with the recent news that the CIA had officially admitted the existence of Area 51 in southern Nevada.

Headlines and news reports noted that although an element of the U.S. government confirmed that the Groom Lake base is real, there was no confirmation that extraterrestrial or other strange visitors, their spacecraft or “back-engineered,” unusually-advanced U.S.-built spacecraft were associated with the Area 51 facilities.

Despite the humorous treatment of this development in the media, the fact remains that significant indications point to decades-long research into UFOs and unusual visitors by the U.S. government and other credible researchers around the world. Some of the information about this vast body of research is public and some apparently remains secret.

If we knew more details, we might actually need this humor because the truth might be concerning, worrisome or downright scary. At the same time, there may be encouraging and uplifting new understanding that has emerged from official and unofficial research into this situation.


Did the Area 51 facilities once include research projects on alien spacecraft? If so, those activities are probably long-gone by now, moved to other locations following media reports years ago about such projects in the Groom Lake region.

It is logical that government defense and intelligence organizations would look into highly-unusual spacecraft that have been reported by many reliable witnesses, tracked on radar and sometimes left physical evidence on the ground. And once such investigations began, where would they lead?

How much do inside investigators know and understand? What remains unknown and mysterious?

There may also be reasonable concern that the general public might not be ready to hear all aspects of the situation. And, some factors in play may involve operational security (OPSEC) related to national and global defense. As a result, information about the UFO topic probably needs to be handled in intelligent ways by insiders, the circles of the defense and intelligence communities, the media and the public.

The confirmation that the Groom Lake aircraft development and test facilities at Area 51 are real comes as no surprise. It has been an open secret for many years. The same might be said about the UFO and visitor situation. In both cases, some information has been released, some remains in a semi-public gray area and some is closely-held and classified.


Secret activities associated with Area 51 such as development of advanced aircraft, and alleged secret activities there involving more unusual situations, might help us expand our awareness and understanding about what is happening, and what might be happening.

As our situation awareness evolves about UFOs, visitors and other leading-edge scientific developments, more interesting information could emerge.

Topics like teleportation, wormholes or star gates, other dimensions, other intelligent beings, purported cosmic fields of energy and light, and the nature of human consciousness are just some of the fascinating areas being looked at by serious and credible researchers.

For people who believe in the equally interesting possibility or probability of angels, Heaven and a higher intelligent being, integrating those ideas with UFOs and other edge-science developments might be challenging in some ways. How do all these puzzle pieces fit together? Is there some larger intelligence at work?

Today’s news is about the confirmation that Area 51 exists. What will next week’s news tell us about what else exists?

And what might we discover by ourselves that does not require being told it is so by the mainstream media and government officials?