Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana Jones meets ESP, UFOs in new movie

By Steve Hammons

In the new Indiana Jones movie, Indie runs into Soviet scientists and agents investigating psychic warfare, UFOs and the presence of extraterrestrials.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull takes viewers into topics that blend fact and fiction, rumor and classified information, fantasy and surprising reality.

As the movie begins in 1957, a Soviet team dressed as U.S. Army personnel breaks into a Nevada military base.

They are after the body of an apparent extraterrestrial recovered from the 1947 Roswell incident – the crash of a UFO.

Jones' adversary is female Soviet scientist Dr. Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett). She is conducting research into ESP and psychic warfare as well as extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

Later, under questioning by FBI agents, Indie confirms that he had been part of a response team to the 1947 Roswell incident, though he claims ignorance about the details.

We also learn that Jones did some work with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. The OSS was the intelligence and unconventional operations agency that evolved into the CIA and U.S. Army Special Forces.


The story of the Roswell incident is familiar to many people due to the books, movies, TV shows and articles referencing the alleged event.

In this recent Indiana Jones film, Dr. Spalko states that there had been other UFO crashes. This, too, has been claimed to have actually happened.

Parts of these stories include accounts of the recovery of apparent non-humans, both deceased and alive.

In the movie, Spalko and her Soviet associates are trying to make the connection between extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional beings and technologies and knowledge about psychic warfare.

Is there such a connection in real life? There have been claims of communication via telepathy in the context of alleged extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings, but for the average person, these are just anecdotal stories.

If technologies have been created or borrowed that have something to do with mind control, ESP, telepathy and other kinds of "anomalous cognition," this is not public knowledge. Again, though, there are rumors of such things.

Apart from the alien-psychic warfare connection of the movie, there is the real-life history of remote viewing – what eventually became known as Project STAR GATE.

And it is true that the motivation of the U.S. military and intelligence community to conduct research about ESP was the discovery that there was intense interest and activity in this area by the Soviet Union.

Although Indiana Jones and his colleagues and adversaries are delving into this field in 1957, we know that modern U.S. efforts in this area started in the mid-1970s and continued until the 1990s. Some people theorize that these kinds of military and intel activities have continued in a more low-key manner. They may have also preceded Project STAR GATE-related programs.

Millions of people in the U.S. and around the world have read about Project STAR GATE operational missions and related scientific research that has reportedly demonstrated clearly that ESP, at some level and in some way, seems to exist.

The methods, techniques and protocols that the U.S. military and intel researchers called "remote viewing" are just part of larger and deeper phenomena.

And, it is probably safe to say that visitors to Earth from other galaxies and/or other dimensions would also constitute a larger and deeper situation than most of us generally think about.

As physicists and other scientists try to understand how the Universe works, we often read or hear that there may be other communications channels in Nature that we are not always aware of.

People and events may be connected in ways that are not clear or entirely logical to us. Even transportation of spacecraft and intelligent beings might occur in ways that are surprising.

Indiana Jones and his associates face these kinds of anomalies as they race to find answers that are partially revealed in the film’s climax.


Steven Spielberg and George Lucas teamed up on this movie and their combined skills and those of their co-workers create an exciting adventure that ties in with fundamental real-life mysteries.

Movies about extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional visitors have been around for decades. Spielberg and Lucas have contributed their fair share of wonderful films in this genre.

Some people have even speculated or whispered that Spielberg, through technical advisors and other sources, became aware of special classified activities actually going on in these areas.

It has been rumored that when President Ronald Reagan saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind, he stated that most people did not realize how true certain aspects of the movie really were.

According to some sources, Reagan may have been referring to the idea that a team of specially trained and prepared U.S. personnel were sent aboard a visiting ET spaceship for a multi-year "exchange program."

Now, Spielberg and Lucas have presented us with an Indiana Jones movie that in many ways seems to again align alleged classified activities with a Hollywood blockbuster being enjoyed by millions kids, teens and adults of all persuasions around the world.

Is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull another form of "acclimation" – that is, a way for us to get adjusted to new developments that are not only interesting, fun and scary, but also extremely important for us to be aware of?

This could be.

It has been stated in certain circles that letting the general public in on unusual and surprising developments was a necessary part of the larger picture.

Preparing and informing people about interesting discoveries and activities is something that can be done in many ways – including films and other creative platforms.

When we sit in a theatre and watch Indie in this new movie handle difficulties and the unknown with his usual courage, experience and intelligence, we might also wonder if he is now exploring things that affect us all – today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Human consciousness, intelligence could suddenly shift

By Steve Hammons

Many researchers have hypothesized and attempted to prove that human consciousness is undergoing significant change. This alleged change is not just increased intellectual knowledge or even social networking via the internet and other mass media.

People from diverse fields including, but not limited to, various sciences, education, the defense and intelligence communities, psychology and spirituality have conducted research about the fundamental nature of individual and group changes in human consciousness.

According to some researchers, our individual awareness is linked with a larger energy or field in terms of quantum physics theories, spiritual concepts and Nature in ways we may not fully understand at this time.

Over the last few decades, research into extrasensory perception (ESP), “anomalous cognition” (unusual or unconventional awareness), “remote viewing” (ESP methods developed in Project STAR GATE by the U.S. defense and intelligence communities) and similar areas have indicated that new ways of understanding human consciousness were emerging.

Sorting out the truth and the questionable claims and beliefs can be challenging.

Learning about theories of changing consciousness and changing realities around us can cause anxiety for some people, be interesting for others and a little of both for many folks.

With the difficulties facing us including war and armed conflict, social problems, natural disasters, threats to our natural resources (such as global climate change) and other developments, any help we can get in improving human intelligence, knowledge and consciousness would seem to be very helpful.


Accompanying continued progress in understanding the potential and apparent direction of human consciousness, some researchers point out that a “unified field” or “zero-point field” probably exists around us and within us.

In addition to this hypothesized energy field underlying what we see and experience around us, there may be various dimensions that we may not always see. Some researchers propose that boundaries or membranes, sometimes referred to as “branes,” separate these dimensions.

For people who wonder about ideas like an afterlife and angels, theories about other dimensions actually existing along with our normal reality might make sense. Individuals who say they have had a “near-death experience” or NDE report crossing a boundary to a different reality.

Some spiritual researchers have hypothesized that there could be several layers or kinds of dimensions. How do these ideas fit with emerging discoveries and theories in modern physics and other sciences? 

There seem to be some common elements between scientific and spiritual views. Spiritual philosophies and faiths often note that intellectual or brain-oriented thinking can only get us so far in understanding a larger intelligence or force around us.

Transcending our thinking minds, then using our hearts and what is often called a soul take us to new levels of perception, according to certain belief systems.

Some of these same kinds of elements come into play in ESP and remote viewing. By using internal resources that are not simply thinking with our brains, people can tap into perceptions we often call intuition, instincts, gut feelings, hunches, dreams and visions to gain new insights and information.

This is one area where science and spirituality seem to be merging. And it seems to be where new phenomena and insights are emerging.


Will the human race continue to develop in awareness, intelligence and compassion at a steady pace so that we will gradually solve some of our problems and succeed as a species on our planet?

Or, might more sudden events trigger increased urgency or progress toward positive and constructive developments? It seems possible that both a steady trend in our understanding of new discoveries and certain significant events and breakthroughs could happen together.

Our trajectory of increased knowledge and understanding seems to be moving forward steadily. And, the possibility of sudden jolts of events could also be on the horizon.

A reason for concern, of course, is that these jolts could be of a problematic nature.

Things like a significant increase in human warfare, including the use of nuclear weapons, are real and current concerns that we see in the news quite frequently. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic activity and powerful storms are also occurring in devastating ways, causing loss of life and human suffering. Global climate change with melting polar ice, rising sea levels, volatile weather, impacts on agriculture, fresh water supplies and other outcomes could also be very damaging.

Concerns about meteors, activity of the sun and possible events in or from space can make us wonder about possible threat scenarios.

For those with very open minds, or maybe inside intelligence information, visitation to Earth of intelligent beings from other planets and/or other dimensions cannot be ruled out. In fact, the nature of possible visitation of this kind could include developing friendships and alliances with extraterrestrial visitors as well as preparing for conventional or unconventional and asymmetric defense and conflict.

The unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and other odd phenomena that are sometimes spotted in the skies around the world, and even closer encounters that some people report, make us wonder if something along these lines could actually be going on. Very credible people within the scientific, defense and intelligence fields seem to be gradually and carefully letting us know that it is wise to be prepared for more information about this kind of situation.

From the down-to-Earth views to the far-out scenarios of both positive and problematic trends and events, we can see an interesting range of possibilities. What will the future bring?

As we go about living our everyday lives, many of us wonder about what could happen in the coming days. What disasters or miracles might occur? Are there wars and battles on the horizon or a new era of peace? Will the human race develop into a more wonderful species or will we destroy ourselves in foolish warfare and destructive treatment of our planet?

Human consciousness is a key element of all of these possible scenarios.

Maybe now is the time to continue to improve our understanding about discoveries in human perception. Because time may be running out for us. Or, time as we know it may itself change in unusual ways.

We can all look into our consciousness. We might discover surprising new insights that can help us individually and globally prepare for the trends and sudden shifts that we might face in the days ahead.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Project STAR GATE’s transcendent effects surfacing now?

By Steve Hammons

More than 30 years after elements of the U.S. military and intelligence community began research into unusual “psychic” projects being conducted by the government of the former Soviet Union, we may be seeing interesting results emerging.

When looking at anomalous phenomena like the ESP “remote viewing” techniques developed and used by U.S. military and intelligence personnel (later called “Project STAR GATE”) as well as other unusual developments, it can be useful to consider that in 2008 the unconventional can be integrated with conventional thinking and human activities.

For example, in 2001 a Navy SEAL officer studying at the Marine Corps War College submitted a paper on remote viewing titled “Unconventional Human Intelligence Support: Transcendent and Asymmetric Warfare Implications of Remote Viewing."

To some readers, the report appeared to indicate that discoveries in remote viewing extend to many others areas of human endeavor – not just national intelligence, defense and warfare.

In fact, the very nature of remote viewing makes it clear that human consciousness, and what human consciousness is connected to, are elements that are fundamental to our survival and success as individuals, communities, nations and as a species on Earth.


SEAL officer L.R. “Rick” Bremseth, who held the rank of commander in 2001, wrote in his paper about transcendence when it comes to national defense activities.

"The real challenge for the United States is not asymmetric warfare, but rather what this writer calls transcendent warfare, the ability to conceptualize and subsequently actualize an entirely new form of warfare that transcends all previously known models," Bremseth wrote.

He continued, "Granted, transcendent warfare reflects Zen-like qualities that elude definition thereby making the above challenge more difficult. Non-linear/multidimensional and abstract/metaphysical are tentative terms that convey this concept, however, ascribing to a pat definition may in fact signal inability to comprehend the concept altogether."

These concepts can be somewhat confusing to the average reader. However, if we familiarize ourselves with psychological concepts of the “collective unconscious” and physics theories of a “unified field,” “zero point energy” and related ideas, we can get a glimpse of what Bremseth was getting at.

Put simply, there may really be an energy in the Universe like “The Force” described in the "Star Wars" movies. It is within us and around us. We can tap into it. It works with us. It has intelligence and a communication capacity.

When we transcend our everyday thinking, we can utilize new approaches to accomplish many worthwhile goals.

Transcendent operations can apply to “peace operations” and humanitarian efforts. Transcendent solutions can be geared toward the problems of climate change, oil dependence, overpopulation, disease, poverty, hunger, injustice, crime, drug abuse, slavery, child abuse, social and international conflict, political corruption, pollution of natural resources and many other challenges.

The relatively narrow slice of unconventional and transcendent phenomena called remote viewing is a small part of the larger opportunities available when examining the potential of human consciousness.

“Anomalous cognition” is a term that is related to remote viewing that sometimes brings to mind wider and deeper kinds of abilities and insights via consciousness. Still, for many of us, this term, too, can be limiting.

How can humankind achieve transcendent breakthroughs on the many difficulties we face through, as Bremseth said, “Zen-like qualities that elude definition?”


When information about the U.S. military and intelligence community’s activities in Project STAR GATE surfaced in 1995, some people made fun of it as another waste of money by the defense community.

Some people were concerned that “mind control” programs by unethical people in government could damage our liberty and our nation.

What had the intelligence officers and scientists been doing in this field from the mid-1970s, when projects were developed, through the mid-‘90s when the public was told that these programs were discontinued? And, what has been going on since? Were these activities really ended or did they just go to a more covert or “black ops” status?

However, as the ideas of connections between human consciousness and modern quantum physics started to seep into society through films, books and other communications, and people saw how these ideas merged with spiritual thought, a different kind of awareness slowly developed.

Those who chose to take an objective look at remote viewing started to understand that this was something very empowering for individuals and for the human race. It was something within all of us and an ability that we can all tap into.

What Navy SEAL Bremseth called “non-linear/multidimensional and abstract/metaphysical” was a way of saying that concepts like time, space, spirituality, a higher intelligence and other ideas may not be exactly as some people thought. Or, they may be more surprising and interesting than people believed.

Now, more than a decade after news of Project STAR GATE reached the general public, not only in the U.S. but internationally, and we face continued serious threats and dangers of many kinds, we might wonder if or when the seeds of remote viewing research will bear fruit.

Bremseth noted in his 2001 paper that "... transcendent and asymmetric warfare necessitate and exemplify proactive approaches that envision these efforts as opportunities ... for the exploration and advancement of human and/or institutional potential. Such a readjustment in thinking will require dynamic, visionary leadership ..."

Do we have that kind of leadership now? Maybe more importantly, do we have this kind of visionary consciousness among the grassroots people of America and the rest of the world?

If we are to see the significant advancement of human potential, it may be probable that it will emerge from everyday average people – people with good hearts, compassion, intelligence and courage to look within their societies, themselves and the deeper realities we are connected to.

The legacy of Project STAR GATE may not yet be fully apparent. This may be because these kinds of phenomena are subtle and discreet.

The possible outcomes related to anomalous cognition could include greater knowledge of other dimensions in physics and Nature, discovery of new energy sources, enhanced human development and other improvements … improvements that could be viewed as miracles.