Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UFO acclimation: ‘Dark Skies’ TV series special DVD collection released

By Steve Hammons

It was a TV series ahead of its time. Consider it advance reconnaissance information.

Airing on Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. in 1996 and 1997 on NBC, “Dark Skies” took viewers inside a secret U.S. government group dealing with UFOs and strange visitors.

Yet, time and certain situations sometimes have a way of circling around in surprising ways.

Nearly 15 years later, the series is now once again in the public consciousness and is reaching a new and expanding audience with the release of “Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series” DVD collection.

The show features two twenty-something characters, John Loengard (played by Eric Close) and Kimberly Sayers (Megan Ward), who come to Washington, D.C., from California in 1961.

Loengard is hired as an aide to a California congressman and Sayers lands a job in the office of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.


When Loengard conducts routine research for the congressman’s office on topics like funding of the Air Force’s “Project Blue Book” at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and interviews alleged UFO “abductees” Betty and Barney Hill, he comes into unpleasant contact with a covert group that the “Dark Skies” writers (and many others) have called “Majestic-12” or simply “Majestic.”

After he is initially intimidated and roughed up by Majestic agents led by Navy officers in plainclothes, Loengard is recruited into the group and transforms from a naïve and optimistic citizen into a hardened, though somewhat frightened, undercover agent who wavers between working for the group and breaking off as a “lone wolf.”

However, he is a lone wolf with a beautiful girlfriend (Ward). Although their romance lends warmth and emotional depth to the story, threats to the Kim Sayers character take dark turns.

In some episodes we go back to the alleged 1947 Roswell incident and even to ancient times when North American Indians are visited by “sky people.”

The creators and writers of the series, Brent Friedman and Bryce Zabel, have done their research on the many elements of the UFO phenomena and it shows in “Dark Skies.”

In fact, Zabel, a former TV journalist at PBS and CNN, recently co-authored a non-fiction book about the inside story on UFOs with historian Richard Dolan titled A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.

Public awareness about visitation to Earth of extraterrestrial and/or other intelligent beings is different in 2011 than it was in 1996.

Today, respected scientists openly discuss the possibilities of contact with other intelligent life.

Reputable journalists like Zabel, Leslie Kean and others provide solid information and insight about the situation. Kean’s recently-published book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record presents a very credible look at certain important developments.

And, the general public can’t help but notice the unusual UFO incidents in recent years such as those in Phoenix (1997), at Chicago’s O’Hare airport (2006) and in the Stephenville, Texas, region (2008). All three of these incidents were covered nationally and internationally in the mainstream press.

Are various kinds of visitors in exotic spacecraft trying to tell us they are here?

Are people associated with the U.S. (and international) defense and intelligence communities also providing acclimation to prepare us for this unconventional emerging situation?

How does “Dark Skies” fit in?


The series uses a unique blend of history, reasonable speculation about UFOs and creativity to look at important issues and events during the period from 1961 to 1967. Zabel and Friedman present an alternative view of the ‘60s, merging real people and circumstances of that era with possible clandestine scenarios.

They ask us to consider many “what ifs.” What if the public story of past events is part of a larger and more complicated picture? “History as we know it is a lie” ... this is the line from the Emmy Award-winning main title opening sequence of “Dark Skies.”

We might also ask what the truth is about our current situation with regard to UFOs, unconventional visitors, expanded human consciousness and other edge-science theories and realities.

And, what does the future hold?

By opening our minds to many possibilities, we can probably enhance our psychological, social and cultural readiness to deal with challenging developments.

In this sense, the reappearance of “Dark Skies” on the public and media scene may be very helpful and even trigger new creative communication efforts that both entertain and enhance understanding of leading-edge scientific topics.

The collection includes all 18 episodes that aired on NBC including the two-hour pilot. Extra features of the DVD set include the two-hour international pilot shown in Europe.

The 2010 documentary “Signal To Noise: Uncovering Dark Skies” is particularly enlightening, featuring a discussion between the creators Friedman and Zabel along with views and insight by the show’s main stars Close and Ward. (It is nice to see that Ward is more beautiful now than ever.)

Viewers can also watch the first and last episodes with the option of an audio overlay of interesting and fun commentary among Friedman, Zabel, Close and Ward. Behind-the-scenes stories and incidents about the making of the series are fascinating.

Information about pitching the series to NBC, the original sales presentation, network promos that aired and other background information are also included in the DVD collection.

The “Dark Skies” DVD set can be ordered from Shout Factory! home video company. A valuable related resource is the website about Zabel's and Dolan's new book at AfterDisclosure.com.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Disclosure, ‘breakthrough event’ could change humanity, Earth

By Steve Hammons

A significant development or event that has constructive effects on the human race is sometimes the topic of theories and hopes. Some viewpoints propose that this will be the result of tipping points of various kinds related to human progress and improved human consciousness.

Some people seem to feel that this dovetails with the idea of “UFO disclosure” – that extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, time-traveling or some other kinds of intelligent beings will make more open contact with humanity, or there will be some public acknowledgment of this situation.

Other views hold that a breakthrough event would be of a more grassroots kind of development. It would not necessarily come from an external source, but would be related to that which is inside human beings or inside our natural environment in some way.

This type of tipping point could involve a more cohesive human consciousness. In such a scenario, ideas like teamwork, fellowship and cooperation would become a more significant characteristic of human thought and feelings. Maybe we just reach more of a consensus on general current events and issues.

We might discover interesting elements of consciousness within our biological beings – in our physical bodies and DNA.

Yet, we could even look deeper. Some ideas about the quantum realities beneath (or above) how our world appears to us on the surface seem to indicate that the nature of Nature holds the promise of transcending certain current limitations. A situation like this could open up different dimensions for us.


There could be many kinds of scenarios that could develop or emerge. Several of them could be, and probably are, related in various ways and could happen together or be linked in some manner.

In the spirit of readiness and preparedness, it could be useful to consider how certain unique or surprising situations might play out. How would the news media and other communications platforms handle it? Would public safety officials such as peace officers and firefighters be involved? Are special rapid response teams positioned to assist?

And, what would it feel like if a sudden change, positive though it might be, gave us a little jolt?

Happiness, joy, relief, peace of mind, a certain familiarity, increased faith, a heartwarming sensation and other related feelings and physical effects could all be part of constructive developments or scenarios that some people envision, or even pray for.

Change can be good and can also create disorientation, uncertainty and anxiety. Even when we suspect that certain changes are needed in our lives or in society, sometimes we still cling to a familiar way things are.

In the case of a helpful breakthrough event, tipping point or paradigm shift, it might also be constructive to focus on those personal and cultural touchstones and basics that keep us grounded and rooted. If some researchers are correct, the human mind, heart and spirit will all be involved in a breakthrough event along with other elements that we might not be able to fully predict or understand at this time.

We may need to “go with the flow” as an act of faith to a certain degree, while also being more intelligent and taking a good, hard look at what might be going on.


In my second novel, Light’s Hand, published in late 2001, I wrote about a possible emerging development that could serve as an example of such a breakthrough event.

That book was a sequel to my first novel, Mission Into Light, published in early 2001. Both books focused on the discreet research activities of a San Diego-based, U.S. joint-service team of ten women and men  military officers from the various service branches as well as intelligence community personnel and the main character, a civilian.

Throughout the two-book story, the members of the “Joint Reconnaissance Study Group (JRSG)” conduct various kinds of research into unconventional topics and areas of interest. They attempt to compile and cross-reference connections and common denominators among some of these research areas.

From their office in San Diego, they travel throughout the American Southwest, looking into certain mysteries. During their activities and operations, they get increasing indications that a breakthrough event of some kind might, or will happen.

Then, on an average morning, when some of them are at their home base and some are in Flagstaff, Arizona, their commanding officer is driving to the office in San Diego and a brief segment of the radio news catches his attention.

"And now, your up-to-date news. In Phoenix, Arizona, public safety officials are baffled by an unexplained area of light near the foothills north of the city. Police and fire officials say the unusual field of light was first spotted by a Highway Patrol officer in the early morning hours. The strange glow seems to be stable, though some of the hundreds of bystanders told reporters that this field of light is getting larger, hour by hour."

What the C.O. of the Joint Recon Study Group didn’t know at the time was that when he hears this news on his car radio, dozens of firefighters and peace officers have already responded to the scene of this strange field of light in north Phoenix.

The Arizona Highway Patrol officer who first saw the light before dawn thought it was a small fire. On closer inspection, he realized it was something unusual, and called for backup from other officers and firefighters. A fire department hazardous materials (HazMat) team was also dispatched.

While the JRSG quickly mobilized helicopters in San Diego and Flagstaff to fly them to the site in Phoenix, local news choppers were also now circling overhead of the field of light. People driving to work on the nearby freeway were stopped alongside the road watching all the activity.

The firefighters and peace officers close to it noted that the field of light seemed to subtly illuminate the surroundings in ways that were different from normal light. Things seemed to have an inner glow.

And it gets more interesting. Something occurs that clearly indicates the field is part of some kind of boundary between our world and another dimension we often believe in, but are not quite sure about.

When the choppers carrying the JRSG teams arrive on scene, they land near the desert hills where the field of light continues to gradually expand. They flash IDs and tell officers that they are a federal rapid response team and need to get up to speed about what has been going on.

Even with the open minds they have developed during months of research into unconventional phenomena, the JRSG are truly amazed by what they are told by officers and what appears to be going on.

As the day progresses, more understanding is gained about the situation and eventually police allow the public to get closer to the continually expanding light field.

There is now a new normal, and the surprise of this breakthrough event has passed, now replaced with a new hope about our future.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Disclosure not just about UFOs – other mysteries connected

By Steve Hammons

When we read and hear about “UFO disclosure” it may seem that this is the main unknown of our era. It may be. Yet, there are other scientific mysteries that are also very interesting and may be equally important.

In fact, these other anomalous phenomena could be related to the UFO situation.

For example, the idea of multiple dimensions is gaining credibility among physicists and mathematicians. A concept called the “Calabi-Yau space” proposes that the universe could be structured like a crumpled up or folded up piece of paper. This would create dimensions that may be far away or very near.

Our ideas about the afterlife or Heaven could fit in nicely with this concept.

Another mystery is extrasensory perception (ESP), sometimes called anomalous cognition. It has been adequately proven by the U.S. defense and intelligence activity referred to as Project STAR GATE that this human “sixth sense” is real and capable of fascinating perception and awareness. Although the defense and intelligence personnel involved named their specific technique and protocol “remote viewing,” it appears to be a very natural ability and is within all of us.


And then there are space-time phenomena that seem to connect events, people, times and places in ways that don’t always make logical sense to us. This “synchronicity” can be puzzling. Physicists use the term “non-locality,” meaning things can be connected in ways that do not seem obvious. But do these strange phenomena have special meaning?

New understanding of space and time could provide more insight into UFOs, multiple dimensions, ESP and other challenging topics.

In addition, the mysteries of, and in our DNA continue to be a source of discovery too. What may be deep down within the genetic core of all of us? Ancient ancestors’ memories? A master plan for the development of the human race? Surprising origins and histories of the human race? Or simply a fluid and responsive system or mechanism of adjustment to our environment over the centuries?

Are there methods and tools that could be keys to unlock the information and experiences within our DNA? Again, these kinds of possibilities might be connected in some way to other leading-edge or forward-leaning research.

Being human might get more interesting.

UFOs could seem boring in comparison to some of these other interesting topics. But, actually, there may be a synergy in the significant connections among all of these subjects, as well as other mysterious goings-on around us and within us.

The whole may be greater than the sum of the parts.


Of course, “disclosure” about these kinds of subjects has different characteristics.

In the case of UFOs, there seems to have been defense and intelligence security that sought to limit public information about the issue for various reasons.

This was previously also the case in Project STAR GATE. For more than two decades, the research and operations were top secret. But now, much of the information is public. However, many details of actual defense and intelligence operations using remote viewing remain classified.

Topics like multiple dimensions, DNA research (including more unconventional research), time-space theories, synchronicity and similar issues can be found in textbooks, writings and various media platforms about physics, spirituality, biology, philosophy, psychology and other fields.

There is a huge amount of “open source intelligence (OSINT)” on these areas. Disclosure in these cases is not so much about some powers-that-be releasing secret files, but more about our own curiosity and willingness to look into the available information.

We can empower ourselves by learning more about such fascinating concepts. In fact, some of these subjects could help us in our daily lives and even be key to survival in certain ways. By taking responsibility to open our minds and explore these advanced, and probably fundamental and even ancient subjects, we may be able to create important disclosure on our own.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Further UFO disclosure requires readiness, teamwork, intelligence information

By Steve Hammons

Over the decades and in recent years and months, many military officers have come forward with solid information about unusual unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

In many cases, the information includes direct sightings and experiences. In other reports, intelligence information on UFO incidents was compiled, and tentative or limited conclusions reached by very senior military officers.

Some U.S. astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have also reported similar observations and encounters.

The intelligence community, being discreet as is required, prefers to work behind the scenes, both gathering and disseminating information on this and other subjects.

Closed-loop compartmentalization and “need to know” protocols attempt to maintain security on sensitive topics related to national security, including the UFO issue.

At the same time, the task of appropriately disseminating information could also be challenging in the case of unconventional and anomalous phenomena which include, but are not limited to UFOs.


Evaluating potential dangers and threats of various kinds can be a complex task in both conventional and unconventional scenarios. The safety and well-being of the American people and our friends require that caution is paramount on the issue of UFO disclosure.

We have only to look at the apparent psychological denial by many people about UFOs to realize that this can be a difficult situation to accept.

Some of this denial may be due to years of security and secrecy measures. But part of it may also be emotional and mental readiness to accept unusual, surprising and possibly disturbing or dangerous elements involved.

As a result, a decades-long period of safe, steady acclimation and preparedness may have been going on using various media platforms. At least this has been theorized about.

For UFO disclosure to continue to unfold, there will probably need to be ongoing teamwork among various aspects of society. Citizens, media, public safety personnel, professionals of all kinds, educators, government officials and others will need to work together as a team.

Effective leadership and guidance, from wherever it may be found, will also be very helpful.

Is there a schedule, time constraints or some kind of master plan on an increasingly overt disclosure process? There has been speculation that this might be one factor involved. If so, then increased readiness on the part of many aspects of our communities and societies is also helpful and necessary.


Learning more about this subject is not as difficult as we might think.

One recently-published book is a good starting point. Journalist Leslie Kean’s "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record" contains valuable factual information that includes a minimum amount of speculation.

The new book "A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact" by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel, on the other hand, does speculate about the possible or probable impacts on society from more open awareness of the UFO situation.

This book is also a comprehensive real history of the many complex circumstances and theories involved. The authors look at other unconventional phenomena that could very well be related to UFOs, or are just more scientific mysteries that we are gaining an understanding of.

Will some kind of event require government officials in Washington, D.C., to address the issue in a more open way?

Dolan and Zabel propose that it is possible. They also point out that a public explanation of the overall situation could be very difficult because of sensitive security issues, complex scientific unknowns and the information management challenges involved.

This, again, is where a certain level of cooperation and teamwork might come into play. Many elements of society will need to both try to absorb certain new information and also realize that some intelligence must be kept secure.

And, as noted, there probably are simply mysterious unknowns that cannot be fully answered at this time.

By working together, we may be able to expect more disclosure about unconventional subjects such as UFOs, unusual visitors or beings, new discoveries about the physics of multiple dimensions and many other advanced topics.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UFO disclosure has happened! Did you notice?

By Steve Hammons

Maybe it has happened with a whisper, not a major public announcement or event.

Maybe the tipping point was the recent publication of journalist Leslie Kean’s book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record" or a recent press conference by retired Air Force officers.

Or, it could have been the steady release of information through discreet ways via Hollywood movies, TV shows and other communications platforms over the past months, years and decades.

There will continue to be people who prefer to debunk the topic as well as those who aren’t quite ready to wrap their minds around the situation.

Who can blame them? It is strange, amazing and scary.

And, maintaining security about it over past decades has been, and continues to be a major element as we move forward. From all indications, it is a highly sensitive and complex situation.

As a result, there are many moving parts that must be handled in intelligent and careful ways.


Yet, any normal person of average intelligence can review the information about this topic and easily figure out that something is going on in this area of scientific discovery.

It also seems to be a defense and intelligence matter that must be dealt with in serious ways.

We now seem to be in the period that could reasonably be called “after disclosure.”

Interestingly, a new book due out later this month is titled "A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact." Authors Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel have written this comprehensive overview that explores nearly every angle of the historical, scientific, governmental, social, media-related, psychological and educational aspects of disclosure about UFOs, unusual visitors and related mysteries and challenges.

The book looks like it will be a useful tool and interesting reading for many people as they get up to speed on these important subjects.

The transition from subtle orientation and preparedness to the after-disclosure phase may have been carefully coordinated since the post-World War II era. Dedicated people in the defense, intelligence and scientific communities reportedly worried that people might become overly fearful about new discoveries in this field.

As a result, safe and gradual acclimation and education efforts may have been implemented to enhance our psychological and emotional readiness. And, these activities probably have been successful.

The smooth transition to general public understanding about the situation seems to be in process now.


There are a lot of details. The situation is not simple. Trying to understand the many factors involved is going to be a learning curve involving our understanding of the Universe’s hidden mysteries, human consciousness, Nature and other interesting elements.

Yet, isn’t it a relief to know that humans have at least reached a level of awareness about ourselves and the Universe around us where we can accept various kinds of surprising and far-out emerging truths?

We don’t know it all and it’s probably not wise to listen to people who claim they do.

The after-disclosure period will most likely involve ongoing communication, education, counseling and orientation. We have the resources to accomplish all of these missions successfully.

And, it’s quite possible that a lot of good things will come out of this phase of human development on Earth.

We might be able to utilize new technologies that improve our quality of life. Human suffering of many kinds might be mitigated by advanced knowledge. Earth’s biological environment and atmosphere could be better protected and enriched. Greater prosperity for all people could be achieved.

The advancement of humanity might make a quantum leap forward.

Or, maybe we will just put one foot in front of the other and make steady progress in ways that lead to a bright future on this beautiful planet, and beyond.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Descriptions of UFOs vary, including ‘jellyfish’ appearance

By Steve Hammons

People who have sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) sometimes report discs or saucers, V-shaped craft, triangles, glowing orbs and many other kinds of unusual things in the skies.

Sometimes the objects are said to appear metallic and other times an anomalous energy or light is reported.

One of the more unusual kinds of descriptions includes witness reports of something that appears like a “jellyfish.”

In recent days, this description has been used, and there have been other incidents when witnesses said a UFO looked like a "jellyfish," "octopus" or appearing to be something with "tentacles."

What are UFOs and why would they have such diverse appearance? Are they different kinds of technology or different kinds of phenomena altogether?

And, could any of these possibly advanced craft and the equally possible intelligent beings who might be associated with them help humanity and Earth?


In the 1997 Phoenix lights case, at least one huge V-shaped or boomerang-shaped object with a dark surface and several bright lights was seen cruising slowly and silently over the city on the evening of March 13.

A gray-colored metallic disc-shaped object reportedly hovered at about 1,900 feet above Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Nov. 7, 2006.

And in other cases, a glowing “jellyfish” effect is seen by some witnesses.

A 2009 incident in Conisholme, England, included an object hovering near a wind turbine farm that the witness described as having “tentacles of light.” One witness stated it looked like a "massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground. It was huge. With the tentacles it looked just like an octopus."

In a separate 2009 sighting, a Wimbleton, UK, witness said he saw something that appeared like "a large bright pink jelly-fish looking object surrounded by a pink haze."

During the multiple sightings in Stephenville, Texas, during 2008, a local peace officer viewed a UFO on police video and described it as looking like a "jellyfish."

This seemingly unusual jellyfish appearance has a logical and scientific explanation, according to researcher Ray Stanford. He says it is related to the propulsion system of certain advanced and exotic spacecraft that we call UFOs and Stanford calls "anomalous aerial objects (AAOs)."

Stanford is known as a pioneer in the study of UFOs using optical and electronic instrument systems and has been investigating this subject for decades.

He theorizes that the "jellyfish" visual effect could be a "magnetoplasmadynamic" or "magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)" field. The jellyfish appearance is not the actual object, Stanford says.

Additionally, Stanford says the tentacle-like appearance is "most often and readily visible when a craft is either slowing down or moving very slowly over an uneven surface” and indicates “constantly changing, torque-generating plasma beams."


Many researchers and possibly people in the defense community may have more knowledge about what UFOs are, how they appear and behave, and who might be involved with them.

But for average people, it may be unclear what the details are surrounding this mysterious though interesting subject.

Some advocates for more disclosure of information about UFOs say that some of the advanced technology involved could help the U.S. and humanity globally in many ways.

But are people in the U.S. and around the world mentally and emotionally prepared for more information or disclosure about UFOs? To some people, the answer is unclear. Would there be undue worry and anxiety about extraterrestrial visitors? And, is there actually something valid to worry about?

What kind of changes would occur in human society? These kinds of questions are being addressed certain movies and TV shows.

A book due out this month will also explore relevant subjects. A.D., After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel is certain to get readers thinking.

Importantly, how would our news media handle additional coverage of the UFO topic? Would they be responsible and professional journalists? Would they sensationalize or provoke fear and panic? Or, as may sometimes be the case, would they help in a cover-up of sorts?

As we move forward and gain greater readiness and understanding about the interesting subject of UFOs, there may be many factors to consider and prepare for.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New ideas, ancient views may explain UFOs, odd phenomena

By Steve Hammons

There seem to be many indications that modern humans are discovering or rediscovering knowledge and understanding that were known to ancient people.

One example might be the research into extrasensory perception (ESP). The operational intelligence "remote viewing" activities conducted by the U.S. program known as Project STAR GATE provided solid evidence that humans do have a “sixth sense.”

Historically, other cultures have also believed that humans can perceive information from within, using what we might call intuition, instinct, gut feelings or visions.

For example, Native American Indians had “vision quests” and other kinds of activities to help them perceive in different ways. Dreams and other non-logical perceptual experiences were thought to sometimes contain valuable information as well.

Another possibly-related field of investigation is the inquiry into concepts about multiple dimensions in our universe.


One idea of how the universe might be structured is called the “Calabi-Yau space.” It has been described as somewhat resembling a crumpled-up and folded-up piece of paper.

In this concept, time and space as well as other aspects of the universe twist and turn, and even fold back upon one another. Multiple dimensions – many of which we cannot easily perceive – are nearby.

This view could explain unusual phenomena that we sometimes refer to as anomalous, metaphysical or even paranormal. They might actually be normal.

Certain ideas about the movement between dimensions seem more feasible when looking at a visual representation of the Calabi-Yau space concept.

A close proximity of other dimensions folding upon or bumping into one another might help explain odd unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and reports of beings and creatures who may cross boundaries of one dimension into another and back again.

The nonlinear view of space also can apply to time as well as other elements of life.

Things we see and experience might have multiple connections in multiple ways, some of which don’t always make logical sense to us.

This nonlinear concept is also common to Native American Indian cultures. These nonlinear views of Nature and the Universe sometimes include the circle or cycle.

According to the Oklahoma Historical Society’s Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture, “As nonlinear people, Indians are cyclical by nature. Day changing into night is a cycle, the full moon's monthly repetition is another cycle, and the seasons rotate as well. Nonlinear reality is a powerful theme in the Oklahoma Indian experience.”


However, in light of new theories about physics, even the circular or cyclical view of reality may be overly simplified.

Lakota philosopher, historian, speaker, broadcaster and musician Tiokasin Ghosthorse has noted that Native American Indians, the first people of the Americas, accept the many interesting aspects of Nature and the Universe.

Dealing with unconventional intelligent beings who may visit from time to time, different modes of human perception, alternative views of time and space, and acceptance of the Universe as a mysterious place are part of this perspective, Ghosthorse has said.

Here in North America, we are uniquely positioned to tap into this ancient viewpoint about the nature of reality and the nature of Nature. Many people in North America have mixed genetic backgrounds that include varied combinations of European, African and Native American DNA (as well as other ethnic roots).

These backgrounds could be helpful in creating a synergy of understanding by merging many perspectives and histories to come up with a new paradigm of reality.

With new theories of physics and mathematical formulations trying to explain the universe emerging alongside our ancient experiences and knowledge, we might soon discover a more accurate understanding of the world around us and within us.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can UFO-acquired technologies help the U.S. economy?

By Steve Hammons

According to some researchers, over the past five decades or so the U.S. government may have been able to acquire advanced technologies from crashed, donated or otherwise obtained extraterrestrial vehicles.

It seems unclear if this could be true or if various kinds of exotic devices might also have been procured that could vastly enhance energy production, health care, aviation, space programs, manufacturing, electronics, engineering, agriculture and other economically-significant activities.

Reports about the UFO situation often note that one of the reasons for security on this matter was to obtain advanced technologies that could give the U.S. an advantage over adversaries and keep knowledge about them top secret.

Once obtained, these technologies were then possibly incorporated into the pipeline for application in highly-secure defense programs and other efforts.

The tight security was to ensure that adversaries did not obtain these advanced developments, as the story goes.


If there is any truth to these types of tales, it seems to make sense. Just like other more conventional defense and business methods and products, maintaining security from competitors is a normal and natural position to take.

There are also accounts that claim some of these unconventional advanced technologies were discreetly inserted into certain U.S. companies for integration into our overall technological progress.

At this point – with the U.S. experiencing significant economic difficulties, our manufacturing and other businesses going overseas, our energy dependence sapping our wealth, and the challenges of shifting to new and more prosperous economic activities – it seems like a good time to reconsider the application and integration of any advanced technologies into mainstream U.S. economic activity.

Most people would probably agree that security related to national defense should continue to be of utmost importance. There is already a big enough challenge regarding weapons technology falling into the hands of dangerous people.

But, if there are benign technologies or devices that can enhance America and our friends, then shouldn’t we take reasonable steps to get them into the pipeline of economic development and innovation?

After all, the problems of pollution could be solved by cleaner energy. The costs of health care that are draining our economy might be mitigated by advanced knowledge about biology, genetics and cellular function. Agriculture could be enhanced by new understanding of botany. The list of possible benefits appears to be very long.

And, maybe most importantly, human intelligence and consciousness might undergo significant advances by greater understanding about ourselves and our capabilities.


Discussions about these kinds of issues, though seemingly far-out, might actually involve very practical and down-to-Earth considerations.

Hypothetically, what would be the best way to integrate exotic technologies and knowledge obtained from or taught to us by extraterrestrial or other beings who are more advanced in some ways than what we are today?

How do we move from our current sociological, technological and economic positions, or predicaments, to the next level of human development in these areas?

Maybe we are actually facing this question now. Or, perhaps we might face it someday in the future. In either case, it seems like interesting food for thought to consider what the most intelligent steps might be.

Because our current economic situation is so difficult, and the public discussions about UFOs, extraterrestrials, expanded human consciousness, new scientific knowledge and similar topics are in the news, TV, movies, books and the Web, maybe a national debate about carefully and strategically releasing any acquired advanced technology could be a good idea.

If the U.S. is to continue to be a world leader and be prosperous at home, it seems obvious that we need to keep moving forward with many kinds of improved technologies, greater scientific knowledge and a more successful society for our people on multiple levels.

Combining what we can achieve ourselves with what we can learn from others could help achieve greater prosperity, peace and successes of many kinds.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Public, media views evolving on UFOs, unusual phenomena

By Steve Hammons

The publication of the new book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record by journalist Leslie Kean and the upcoming book A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact by researchers and writers Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel (slated for publication in October) have provided increased focus on this interesting topic.

There are many perspectives about possible visitation to Earth of intelligent beings from elsewhere. These viewpoints span a range of opinions, from people who think there is little reasonable evidence to those who conclude that there are very significant indications that this has occurred and is ongoing.

Kean has said, "We need a systematic, scientific investigation of the skies that actively looks for these mysterious and elusive objects."

Some researchers claim that such investigations have already occurred, are now underway and have been in motion since at least the post-World War II era, and possibly before.

The apparent discrepancy may be that such alleged investigations, conducted by the military and intelligence communities, including discreet special groups, have not been public research projects. Rather, they reportedly have been highly covert and classified due to an apparent serious level of sensitivity about the nature of the situation.


Public perceptions of UFOs, extraterrestrials and other unusual phenomena are strongly influenced by movies, TV, books, journalism and other media platforms. Our own curiosity, imagination, hopes and fears also play important roles in how we think and feel about unconventional subjects.

But, apart from Hollywood portrayals and the incidents and reports we may hear or read about, what might be a reasonable way to deal with the possibilities about some of these unusual topics?

Some researchers consider the topics of UFOs, extraterrestrials, multiple dimensions, expanded human consciousness, space-time anomalies and similar subjects to be legitimate forward-leaning and leading-edge areas that should be examined thoroughly.

Why? Because credible research – based on what is being discovered and in pursuit of further knowledge – seems to indicate that these kinds of areas hold valuable information, understanding and insight for us.

Have some of these research efforts been “under the radar” of public view? This appears possible or probable.

Yet, due to a diverse range of researchers and investigative efforts, and possibly the intentional or inescapable diffusion of information from secret activities, the general public has become more aware of a variety of unusual developments.

In fact, decades-long public acclimation and preparedness initiatives, including an association with Hollywood and other elements of the mass media, could be part of such an interesting scenario.


Consider the case of the U.S. government’s research into extrasensory perception (ESP) in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s that was later called Project STAR GATE.

Many average people, including those who were actually conducting some of the research, were highly skeptical about any human abilities that we generally call ESP.

But, after years of thorough research and operational activities in the intelligence field, it became clear that humans do have the potential for expanded perception and awareness, often referred to as a sixth sense.

Some scientists called it anomalous cognition. We might also name it advanced perception, alternative awareness, complementary cognition, enhanced instinct, integrated situational awareness or any number of expressive and descriptive terms. The conclusion: it is real and very significant.

However, during the initial decades of Project STAR GATE, this research was highly classified and top secret.

Now, it is widely read about and portrayed in various media. Former STAR GATE personnel have published books and offer training classes on “remote viewing” based on some of the methods and protocols that the military and intelligence people in the program developed.

Although many people haven’t had the opportunity to hear or read about it, the subjects of ESP and Project STAR GATE are public knowledge now, although certain activities and operations the project conducted remain classified.

Could it be that in coming days, other unusual and previously secret information will similarly become common knowledge?

Our readiness and preparedness to appropriately handle a new understanding of ourselves, the world around us and the vast Universe or multi-verse we live in will be important factors of this apparent ongoing educational process.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Military, civilian pilots are key part of UFO mysteries

By Steve Hammons

Thousands of sightings of unusual unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been reported by civilian and military pilots from around the world over past decades.

It is probably safe to assume that many more pilot sightings have gone unreported, due to the risks to pilots’ reputations and jobs. Some may have been counseled that it would be best to forget what they saw.

In the U.S., many military and civilian pilots have been involved in groups seeking to research the subject of UFOs for reasons of aviation safety, national security, scientific curiosity or simply because they found the topic to be a very interesting mystery.

In her new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record, journalist Leslie Kean prominently notes the roles of U.S. and international military and civilian pilots involved in the UFO phenomenon.

Pilot statements about this subject are considered credible because, like peace officers and other professionals, they are considered trained observers. They must have excellent situation awareness and are aware of how aircraft, weather phenomena, stars and other things visually appear in our skies.

And, of course, many civilian pilots are former military aviators.


We know that the late U.S. senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater, was an Air Force Reserve brigadier general and pilot who was quite interested in the UFO subject. But, he stated that when he inquired about the subject with higher military brass, and particularly about gaining access to certain buildings at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, he was strongly told to back off.

Another Arizonan, former governor Fife Symington, was also an Air Force officer and pilot. He came forward in 2007 and said that he had witnessed the March 13, 1997, so-called "Phoenix lights" incident.

In fact, it was Leslie Kean who broke the story about Symington’s admission in her exclusive March 18, 2007, article on the former governor’s statements.

Kean wrote that Symington said he saw a large triangular "craft of unknown origin" with lights. "It was dramatic. And it couldn't have been flares because it was too symmetrical. It had a geometric outline, a constant shape," Symington told Kean.

Another interesting case was the so-called "Coyne incident" over Mansfield, Ohio, on Oct. 18, 1973. In that case, four members of the Army Reserve were in their military helicopter flying from Columbus to Cleveland. The case is named after the pilot and aircraft commander Capt. Lawrence J. Coyne.

A UFO was first seen on the horizon by a crew member. Then, it approached and flew in very close proximity to their chopper. At one critical point, the pilot feared a collision and promptly positioned the chopper's controls for a quick descent.

However, interestingly, the chopper's altimeter showed that it was actually gaining altitude.

Coyne has been quoted as saying, "We looked up and saw it stopped right over us. It had a big, gray metallic-looking hull about 60 feet long. It was shaped like an airfoil or a streamlined fat cigar. There was a red light on the front. The leading edge glowed red a short distance back from the nose. There was a center dome. A green light at the rear reflected on the hull." Coyne also said the green light swiveled like a spotlight and beamed through the canopy of his craft, bathing the cabin in green light.

This very well-documented case included a formal report made by the chopper crew for the Army Reserve.

The crew included pilot and aircraft commander Coyne, a 19-year veteran of the Army Reserve. The co-pilot was Lt. Arrigo Jezzi. The others onboard were crew chief Specialist 5 Robert Yanacek and flight medic Sgt. John Healey.


Basic research of open source intelligence (OSINT) on the Web will easily bring up many details of the many sightings by military and civilian pilots, as well as other highly credible witnesses.

But, rather than go into details of the history of pilot sightings, which are very significant and provide valuable insight, a story that is fictional might bring the issue to us in a more intimate and interesting way. And, as we know, many a truth can be told through fiction.

In fact, according to some theories, Hollywood has been involved in a gradual public preparedness or acclimation effort for decades, creating movies and TV shows that are helping us get ready to accept a surprising situation related to UFOs.

Other media platforms can also help in preparing the public for possibilities or probabilities of this kind.

In my novel Mission Into Light, a civilian named Mike Green is recruited into a small, secret, joint-service research team called the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group (JRSG). Shortly after he arrives in San Diego and gets oriented, he and two other JRSG members are sent by Navy helicopter from North Island Naval Air Station to Army Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona.

Their group commanding officer, Air Force Colonel Tom O’Brien gives tells Mike about his first assignment with the JRSG. The following is from Mission Into Light:

“By dinner I want you, Thompson, and MacNeil to be on a chopper for Fort Huachuca.”

“What’s the plan for the Huachuca trip, colonel?”

“You, Thompson, and MacNeil will set up a base station at Huachuca. MacNeil arranged for living and office quarters on the post. From there we have several areas of interest to explore. Roswell, New Mexico, and you know why. Sedona, Arizona, and the Four Corners area.”

By four-thirty the late afternoon sun was heading toward its evening rendezvous with the Pacific Ocean.

At the bachelor officers quarters, Mike was adding his luggage to Army Special Forces Colonel Ed Thompson's and Army Special Forces Captain Bill MacNeil’s personal gear in the trunk of a Navy-issue car.

“That’s everything, right?” Thompson asked.

“Yes, sir,” Mike reported.

With MacNeil driving, the three headed along the harbor to the downtown area and across the long, high span of the Coronado Bay bridge to Coronado Island. A Marine at the gate of North Island Naval Air Station examined the security sticker on the car’s windshield, saluted and waved them through.

MacNeil drove to a nearby helicopter squadron building and parked. Two men in Navy flight suits walked out and shook hands. This Navy chopper crew was taking them to Arizona.

When their bags and gear were loaded on the Navy chopper, and all five men on board, the pilots started the engine and the rotor blades came to life. The little craft lifted off and gently rose over San Diego Bay and the City of San Diego. They then headed east, away from the late afternoon sun that was slowly descending toward the Pacific’s horizon.

Ahead, in the east, it was growing darker. The ocean and metropolitan San Diego began to turn to countryside, then pine-covered mountains.

As day turned to evening, the chopper flew over the agricultural Imperial Valley east of San Diego County, and then toward the Colorado River. Entering Arizona air space, the pilots changed course from due east to south-southeast.

Team Two talked with the two pilots as the darkness of the Sonoran Desert enveloped them. Millions of stars were above. Below, the giant saguaro cactus stood watch over the desert. Coyotes prowled the night.

Inside the chopper, dim instrument lights gave the pilots faces an eerie glow.

“So you guys are getting stationed at Huachuca?” the young co-pilot asked.

“Temporary duty,” Thompson answered.

“I like the ocean and the beach myself,” the young Navy lieutenant said. “San Diego’s a great station for me. This desert’s a little too dry for my taste.”

The pilot, a lieutenant commander, had been preoccupied with the instruments. Calmly, he tapped the co-pilot on the shoulder and pointed at the dark night ahead.

“What’s that, Brown?”


“There, those lights.”

The pilot pointed again.

By now Thompson, MacNeil, and Mike were looking over the shoulders of the pilots. Two lights in the distance were swaying in a gentle to-and-fro, and changing colors slightly from blue to red.

“What the hell is that?” Thompson asked.

The pilot now looked concerned.

“I don’t know, colonel.”

As all five men were watching intently, the two lights gently came to a stop. The pilot slowed the chopper.

“Holy shit!” yelled the co-pilot as the two lights shot straight up at an incredible speed. In no more than three seconds they were gone.

The five looked at each other and also searched the sky for signs of the lights. Only stars were visible.

“UFO,” the pilot said calmly.

“What are you saying commander?” Ed Thompson asked.

“Unidentified flying object, sir.”

“What kind?”

“Unknown, colonel. It’s not the first one I’ve seen. As a matter of fact, that one was too far away to make further identification. If you fly a lot, you sometimes see them. Pilots swap stories about them. Carefully. It’s a sensitive area, sir.”

“Well, son of a gun. That’s something all right,” MacNeil added, his mouth hanging open slightly.

Mike Green and the young co-pilot were almost too stunned and excited to talk.

“How much longer to Fort Huachuca?” Mike asked.

“We’re passing near Tucson now,” the pilot answered. “Another half-hour and we’ll be on the ground. Fellas, it doesn’t help a pilot’s career to make a big thing out of a UFO or two. As far as I’m concerned, for the record, I saw a couple of lights.”

“We understand,” Thompson said. “Off the record, what do you think they were?”

“Could be our own experimental craft. Could be extraterrestrial. Who knows? There’s a lot of talk in the aviation community about what’s going on. The pilots in World War Two called them ‘foo fighters.’ You two guys are Special Forces, right? I thought you had the inside intel on spook programs.”

“What makes you think those lights might be part of a covert operation?” Mike asked the pilot.

“It’s just that there are a lot of stories circulating about UFOs, Area 51 in Nevada, flying saucer crashes in the desert, that kind of thing. I’m not a UFO nut, but I’m not stupid either. Okay, men, we’re about fifteen minutes from Huachuca.”

As the pilot and co-pilot made radio contact with the Army post, Mike, Thompson, and MacNeil settled back for the landing. No more moving lights could be seen the night sky.

The chopper landed on a section of the base airstrip reserved for helicopters. An Army Humvee pulled up as the chopper blades came to a rest and Team Two stepped out onto the tarmac.

“Colonel Thompson?” the driver asked.

“That’s me. You’re Captain Baker?”

“Yes sir. If you’ll load your gear in the Humvee, I’ll take you to your quarters.”

After saying good-bye to their chopper pilots, the three men got into the Humvee and were driven to an officers quarters building. They had their own rooms, which were similar to the Navy BOQ at Point Loma, Mike thought. Government-issue Motel 6. After unpacking, they met in Thompson’s room.

“They have an office ready for us. We’ll check that out tomorrow. MacNeil, first thing in the morning I want you to get two vehicles for our use. You and Green will be driving to Roswell, New Mexico. We may want you to leave day after tomorrow. I’ll be calling the old man in the morning. Any questions? Well, let’s hit the hay.”

Back in his room, Mike noticed it was almost ten o’clock. The adrenalin from the flight had now dissipated. After a hot shower, he fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, the men discussed their mission over breakfast.

“Baker says the New Mexico state line is a stone’s throw away. We’ll check out the office they’ve given us and get the cars. I’ll call the old man in San Diego and we’ll just settle-in a little bit.”

“You going to tell him about the lights we saw, Ed?” MacNeil asked through a mouthful of hash browns.

“Hell, yes. This is a key part of our research. It may even mean more than we realize now. That may not be the last UFO sighting of this project. We don’t have to worry as much as that Navy chopper pilot about getting our wings clipped for reporting strange happenings."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Journalist’s new book, planned movie examine UFO questions

By Steve Hammons

Two new examinations of the UFO situation may provide increased insight and understanding for much larger audiences.

Journalist Leslie Kean’s book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record goes on sale Aug. 10, 2010, and is being praised as thorough and professional reporting on this mysterious topic.

The planned feature film Majic Men is based on the research and books of physicist Stanton Friedman and investigator Donald R. Schmitt. Producers Don Most and Bryce Zabel are helping lead this project.

Kean’s book and the Majic Men movie, along with an increasing number of responsible, intelligent and fascinating media explorations of the UFO subject, are sure to improve public awareness and expand our perception of the possibilities involved.

By doing so, our readiness and preparedness to deal with certain possible or probable situations of this kind will be enhanced.


Kean has worked as a journalist for major newspapers and has a rich background in investigative journalism. She has had a longstanding interest in the UFO phenomena, having conducted in-depth research on the subject for a decade or more.

As the book title indicates, she focused on interviews with high-level government officials from the U.S. and other countries as well as the American and international aviation community, military and civilian.

She provides more solid facts that further inform us about something real that is going on regarding UFOs.

The apparent secrecy and security surrounding this mysterious topic presented significant challenges even for an experienced investigative journalist like Kean. Human development, scientific advancement, international relations, national security or even planetary security are reported to be possible elements of this puzzling situation.

Her book description notes that, “Throughout, she presents irrefutable evidence that unknown flying objects – metallic, luminous, and seemingly able to maneuver in ways that defy the laws of physics – actually exist.”

Kean’s book has received praise from scientists, scholars, journalists and others.

Well-known physicist and TV science host Michio Kaku, Ph.D., wrote, "At last, a serious and thoughtful book about this controversial subject. Skeptics and true believers will find a treasure trove of insightful and eye opening information. This book is bound to set the gold standard for UFO research."

Another respected physicist, Harold E. “Hal” Puthoff, Ph.D., said, “In these pages we are confronted head-on by the UFO phenomenon as revealed firsthand by highly credible government officials and military aviation experts. Their credibility and integrity cannot be questioned, and their firsthand observations cannot be ignored.”

He also added, “Leslie Kean provides a challenging analysis and she writes with penetrating depth and insight. The revelations in this book constitute a watershed event in lifting the taboo against rational discourse about this controversial subject.” Puthoff is director of The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin.

John L. Petersen, founder and president of The Arlington Institute also pointed out that, “In an area of study where there aren’t many, this is a serious book. It is credible, clear, and compelling, without any farfetched jumps in logic and assumption. Leslie Kean not only makes the case for, but calls for, a whole new concrete and realistic perspective on UFOs that has more honesty and integrity than any other that I have read. This is a book for anyone with an open mind.”

Christopher C. “Kit” Green, MD, Ph.D., of Harper University Hospital and Ohio’s Wayne State University School of Medicine, also gave the book a thumbs-up. "Leslie Kean’s astonishing book is the finest piece of investigative journalism ever written on this subject. She has an incomparable ability to ‘give voice’ to a constituency of exceptionally qualified and unbiased first-hand observers. They are not from the fringe, not groupies, and not delusional.”

Green noted, “Rather, they are high-level military, intelligence, aerospace, and government officials who speak with authority while providing reports that document actual, physical craft. Kean’s book represents the first important step toward a new U.S. government openness about UFOs. It brings forward a reality otherwise buried for far too long inside official mystery, and elevates the discourse above that of small-minded public discussions."


The Majic Men film project is based on the lives of Stanton Friedman and Donald R. Schmitt and their years of research into the so-called Roswell incident and circumstances involved in UFOs.

Schmitt and co-author Thomas J. Carey wrote the book Witness to Roswell, released in 2007 with an update in 2009. Friedman’s book Top Secret/MAJIC was published in 1997 and updated in 2005.

The titles of the book and movie reference an alleged secret group formed by U.S. President Harry Truman following the Roswell incident. The group is rumored to have been called Majestic, Majestic-12, MJ-12, Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence or, simply MAJIC. There have also been indications of a security clearance level called MAJIC.

Stellar Productions, a southern California production company, has acquired rights to the stories of Friedman’s and Schmitt’s investigations.

According to a July 2, 2010 press release, Bryce Zabel, president and writer/producer at Stellar said, "Our film is about two down-to-Earth guys who are chasing a story that is literally out-of-this-world. Both Friedman and Schmitt are underdog American heroes, men who hate being lied to and will bear almost any burden to get at the truth."

The press release also explains that the film will focus on lives of Schmitt and Friedman “as they continue investigations from the late 1970s to our near-present day, revealing how the original UFO secret was handled. What they discover is an intense five-year-period from the Roswell crash of 1947 through the briefing of President Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.”

“The screenplay for Majic Men will be written by Zabel, winner of the 2008 Writers Guild of America award for the Hallmark miniseries, Pandemic,” according to the press release. “He has written feature film scripts for Warner Bros., Universal, Fox, Disney, and New Line.”

“His work in the UFO field includes creating the NBC drama series, Dark Skies (scheduled for DVD release in January 2011), writing and producing the Sci-Fi Channel original film Official Denial, and working on the development team of the Spielberg series, Taken.”

The press release also noted, “The production team's Don Most, although best-known for his work on the popular sitcom Happy Days, is also a long-time activist in the movement to end UFO secrecy. He recently produced and directed two feature films, Last Best Sunday and Moola.”

Most said, "Majic Men is as much about the investigators as it is the investigation. Audiences are going to find both their hearts and their minds opened when they watch it."

“Stellar Productions may partner with another production company or studio to develop the Majic Men project. Additionally, a new non-fiction book, also titled Majic Men, is expected to coincide with the release of any future film,” according to the press release.

For more information, visit the website of Kean’s book and the Majic Men website.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Extraterrestrials and UFOs: Disclosure, acclimation, security work together

By Steve Hammons

Researchers and people interested in the field of UFOs and possible visitation to Earth by other intelligent beings sometimes seem to feel that information disclosure and information security are mutually exclusive.

This might not be the case. In fact, security, public acclimation and readiness could be part of the disclosure process.

One case may serve as an example. A former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence agent was alleged to have been involved in information security about the UFO phenomena.

The same agent was also reportedly involved in some elements of a public acclimation process, according to published reports.

This type of scenario may also apply to several kinds of sensitive and complex issues, including scientific, human development, geopolitical or other matters.


This is not to suggest that people shouldn’t continue to try to learn more about a wide range of conventional and unconventional subjects. Delving into important areas of knowledge and understanding is valuable and appropriate.

And, secrecy can sometimes be applied for inappropriate reasons. The application of secrecy and security is itself a complex issue worthy of examination.

Yet, wouldn’t it seem wise to link disclosure to public readiness?

Public reaction to UFOs and a wide range of other unconventional phenomena or awareness could be unsettling or frightening for many people. This appears to be a reasonable and longstanding concern.

Some people are at the forefront of exploration and discovery, while others may be reluctant to consider alternative or expanded concepts about the universe around us, and within us.

It seems appropriate that we are aware of a wide range of reactions by many people in the general population.

But for those pioneers and forward-thinking Americans and people internationally, many opportunities may exist to test various theories and hypotheses about extraterrestrial visitors, human consciousness, ESP and telepathy, multiple dimensions and many other leading-edge ideas.


For example, the Spectrum Video and Film company of Phoenix, Arizona, is launching an innovative and interesting project June 5, 2010.

Their live webcast, “Experience: Contact” seeks to test and utilize group consciousness and intention in attempts to contact extraterrestrial visitors.

Sounds far-fetched?

Actually, many theories in psychology, theology, philosophy and human consciousness research suggest that at deep levels, there are fundamental and fascinating connections among the minds of humans.

Deep down, interesting things happen.

Spectrum Video and Film are the creators of a TV series concept called “Paranormal Matrix.” To visit their website and learn more about the June 5 “Experience: Contact” webcast, go to the Paranormal Matrix site and explore their plans.

You may even want to participate.

The type of innovative experiments such as the “Experience: Contact” webcast might make us all more open to unconventional efforts, projects and activities of many kinds.

Maybe some officials in the national security, intelligence and related fields are also using unique ways to look at unconventional situations.

We are learning that the Universe or multi-verse is a very mysterious place.

Even more mysterious ... the human mind, human soul and the connections and consciousness deep, deep within all of us.

Monday, May 24, 2010

UFO, extraterrestrial disclosure linked to public readiness and acclimation

By Steve Hammons

After more than 210,000 page views of the April 26, 2010, article "Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S?" it seems clear that there is significant public interest in the topic of possible extraterrestrial visitation to Earth, UFOs and equally possible activities of the U.S. defense and intelligence communities regarding these subjects.

The article was about an account of a reported effort by U.S. authorities – Operation TANGO-SIERRA – to investigate a human-looking extraterrestrial who had made contact with a federal employee.

Are people who consider tales like this too gullible? Or, are they open-minded and increasingly aware of highly unusual possibilities?

The same information sources for Operation TANGO-SIERRA are reportedly also those who released information about the alleged Project SERPO. That account involved a mission that allegedly sent 12 specially-selected and highly-trained U.S. military personnel to another planet as guests of friendly extraterrestrial visitors as part of an exchange program.

When we see news about calls for more openness and disclosure about possible government activities in these areas, it also seems clear that human psychology and our preparedness to deal with such possibilities are major elements to consider.

In fact, it might be fair to say that disclosure about possible extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is directly tied to the emotional, spiritual, psychological and social readiness of the public to handle this kind of news.


How would we measure public preparedness? Should we conduct more surveys and public opinion polls about people’s feelings and perceptions of UFOs and ETs? How can we be sure that there would not be panic, distress, disorientation and turmoil from such disclosure?

We must also be concerned with children and youngsters who could be affected by fearful reactions. Has our educational system prepared them to handle such a situation? Even our colleges and universities do not routinely delve into these kinds of topics in classes related to science or the social sciences.

However, some higher education institutions are looking into frontier-science areas of various kinds. Conventional colleges and universities are exploring the nature of human consciousness and mysteries of space and the universe.

New innovative institutions such as the International Metaphysical University are also emerging as leaders in forward-leaning education of this kind.

Social stability and continuity in the face of disclosure must be considered. Not that things wouldn’t change – they would. But managing this change is important, especially if the situation is challenging or troubling in some ways.

Certain media platforms seem to be helping with this. TV is leading the way. Flip your channel any given night and you are likely to see a show on UFOs. Movies, too, are addressing these topics and helping audiences think about different scenarios that could be involved.

Continuing the discussion in the media about subjects like this is probably helpful.

This is being done through the hundreds or thousands of websites exploring anomalous and weird-science subjects. The longstanding number one late-night radio show in the U.S., Coast to Coast AM, has been dealing with these and other edge-science subjects for years.

Newer emerging media platforms like Open Minds Production of Tempe, Arizona, are also developing audiences.

Are these media activities contributing to public mental health problems with their coverage of UFOs and unusual topics? Or, are they helping us mentally and emotionally deal with challenging realities?


According to some researchers, certain elements of the U.S. government have been trying to acclimate, educate and prepare us for these and other emerging situations. Using indirect and discreet methods, we may all have been slowly educated over several decades to be prepared for surprising truths.

And, maybe extraterrestrials or other unusual intelligences have also been preparing us.

Maybe we are getting closer, or even very close, to greater disclosure and understanding about what might be going on.

If so, there is also responsibility on our shoulders to make sure that the general public can handle increased information about these topics.

But limiting discussions only to UFOs and ETs might miss the larger targets.

Discoveries about quantum physics, human consciousness, multiple dimensions and other areas create a kind of synergy of fascinating forces that might change the entire way we look at life, Nature, the universe, reality and ourselves.

We don’t need to look far to open our minds about the possible realities. NASA astronauts have not only strongly hinted, but clearly stated that there are extraterrestrial and/or unusual intelligences at work. Other military personnel have also bravely stepped forward to inform their fellow Americans.

Behavioral health professionals like the late Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, M.D., showed great courage in addressing these kinds of issues.

Now, maybe it is our turn.

Maybe more disclosure will occur when a large enough segment of the public is ready to accept some unusual truths and we are socially, emotionally and psychologically prepared. When we reach that tipping point, a new phase of understanding might emerge.

And this understanding might not just come from the powers-that-be. It could arrive in the form of new awareness and perception within us.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beyond UFOs and extraterrestrials: Human consciousness may be key

By Steve Hammons

The apparent growing awareness of the possibility or probability that we are being visited by extraterrestrial and other unconventional intelligences seems to pose some important questions.

These questions take us beyond the discussion about if we are being visited or if UFOs are exotic spacecraft of some kind.

Anyone of average intelligence who has done a moderate amount of research on the subject can safely conclude that something along these lines is going on.

If we were to request a “SITREP,” a situation report, about where we find ourselves, what would it say? What really is going on? How does it affect us? What might happen in the future? How will we adjust to a changing reality?

To deal with these and other interesting questions, we will probably need to improve and enhance our “situation awareness.”


Limiting the discussion to UFOs and extraterrestrials might be too narrow a focus. Those topics certainly seem to be part of the overall scenario at hand. But what other related factors are in play?

Certainly, modern scientific theories of multiple dimensions or a “multi-verse” appear to be significant. Other elements of modern quantum physics bring to mind the ideas of wormholes and star gates.

Then there are anomalies regarding time, some kind of “unified field” of energy or “zero point energy,” a possible higher intelligence or several higher intelligences, and of direct interest – human consciousness.

What is going on in the biological sciences that might be relevant? Studies of the human body and those of the animals, plants and other life forms that share our Earth are revealing fascinating secrets and discoveries.

In fact, it might be wise to pay attention to the many kinds of scientific study about our planet and the life on it before serious climate change, pollution, overpopulation or some other cascading or sudden catastrophe create very serious problems for the human race.

Do we really want to reach the tipping point of dangerous developments for the human species, as well as other animal and plant life on Earth?

Maybe a more positive tipping point of some kind is a more useful goal. This brings the circle back to the important discussion of human consciousness.


If extraterrestrials – the good, the bad and the ugly – angels and/or other unusual intelligences are conducting activities in and around Earth, what impacts will there be on us average humans going about our daily lives?

This also completes a circle of our discussion of the SITREP about where we are, what is going on, how these developments might affect us, what the future will bring and how we can adjust to a changed reality.

We might consider that it could be, and probably is, a complex situation. The more knowledge and understanding we can acquire, the more prepared we will be.

Safety, preparedness and even “operational security (OPSEC)” could be helpful. Strength, compassion, honor and the other positive attributes of the human race could also be useful.

It seems that we may need to use the mind, body, heart and soul to face these emerging developments.

We might consider taking advantage of the insights reflected in the concept of “transcendent warfare,” a term used to describe the optimum use of certain leading-edge discoveries, such as those in the U.S. defense and intelligence activity called Project STAR GATE.

Yet, at the end of the day, we might focus on that which is pure in the human heart.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

UFOs, extraterrestrials invade 1800s Arizona in new movie ‘Cowboys and Aliens’

By Steve Hammons

While the people of a small Arizona Territory town in 1873 are busy battling regional Apaches, hostile extraterrestrials attack and unite the warring humans in the movie project Cowboys and Aliens.

Will the foreign invaders try to push the humans off their land using advanced technology and weapons? Do the extraterrestrials regard the Earthlings as primitive savages?

Maybe the humans have a higher consciousness and are better prepared to fight this unconventional conflict than the aliens expect.

Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde are among the cast members who will push back against the hostile ETs.

Universal Pictures, DreamWorks and Imagine Entertainment will reportedly begin shooting in Arizona’s neighboring New Mexico in June or July and casting calls for extras have already been announced. Cowboys and Aliens is planned for release in summer 2011.

Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard are two of the many moviemaking and creative development pros involved. Jon Favreau will direct.

Other members of the writing and creative team include Damon Lindelof, Mark Fergus, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Hawk Ostby, Brian Grazer, Alex Kurtzman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Bobby Cohen and Denis L. Stewart.


Discussions about the possibility of visitation to Earth by extraterrestrials or other unusual intelligences, including the story in Cowboys and Aliens, often note the impacts on Native American Indian tribes when Europeans landed in “The New World.”

Using high-technology weapons and what we might now call psychological warfare, Europeans dominated Indian tribes militarily and obtained nearly all of the lands the indigenous people had lived on.

Biological warfare also played a part, both intentionally and inadvertently, as Indians were wiped out by European diseases.

Some tribes, notably the Cherokee in the 1700s Appalachian Mountain region, intermarried with English, Scottish and other Europeans to a degree, and assimilated into the new dominant culture.

Still, their lands were taken from them and their way of life was changed forever.

A century later in the mid-1800s southwest, where Cowboys and Aliens takes place, a similar story played out as Apaches, Navajos, Utes and many other tribes were militarily defeated and the lands they lived on taken by the waves of strange invaders.

Today, Arizona and New Mexico are both home to large Native American Indian populations descended from ancient people who lived in the region for many thousands of years. Some of these tribes also have longstanding legends of star people and intelligent beings who are not humans.

These tales are not only historical accounts. There are also current and ongoing reports of anomalous beings, UFOs and other mysterious situations on Indian lands, including in Arizona and New Mexico.


These alleged incidents and experiences are in many ways consistent with continued indications about the possibility that Earth is currently being visited by extraterrestrial and/or some other kinds of intelligent beings.

Tales of the 1947 crash of a spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, still fascinate the public. These kinds of stories also form a basis for other claims that the U.S. government, military and intelligence services have been dealing with such a situation ever since.

In fact, Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) is rumored to be partially based on a real-life U.S. operation referred to as Project SERPO that sent a team of U.S. personnel with friendly aliens to their home planet aboard their spacecraft.

A claim that human-looking extraterrestrials are among us was also the theme of a recent story about the alleged Operation TANGO-SIERRA, a U.S. intelligence effort that investigated and captured such an ET.

Also in recent weeks, a new emphasis on these kinds of issues emerged in the mainstream media as prominent scientists openly discussed possible impacts of human contact with extraterrestrial or anomalous life forms.

Cowboys and Aliens might also help us think about the many elements of such a scenario, not only in the present day or even in the 1800s, but also in the more distant history of American Indians and the human race as a whole.

In the movie, the townspeople and Apaches work together, adapt their minds to a rapidly-changing reality and develop new methods to deal with it.

This sounds a lot like “transcendent warfare,” a term used by a Navy SEAL officer in a research paper about the U.S. government activities involving human consciousness and perception known as Project STAR GATE.

Cowboys and Aliens has the potential to take audiences to an exciting exploration about these many elements of human and American history, accounts of real extraterrestrial contact with Earth and how we might deal with different types of strange visitors who could be friendly, hostile or some mix of both.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Extraterrestrials may not need UFOs to visit us on Earth

By Steve Hammons

People who wonder about or even actively research the topics of UFOs and visitors from elsewhere sometimes begin with certain assumptions that may only be partially correct.

We might assume that if we are being visited, these intelligent beings are all biological life forms, though they might be quite different from humans.

We could also conclude that they are from another planet and they travel here aboard advanced spacecraft, possibly warping or surfing space-time in some way.

However, there are also theories and indications that, although those basic concepts might generally be accurate in some cases, there could be other developments going on as well.

For example, it might be possible that there are several kinds of intelligent visitors on Earth. Some researchers also suggest that certain unconventional beings might not be visitors at all, but somehow native to our planet, though they reside in hidden dimensions or operate in mysterious ways.

And even those who do travel here from a home world of some kind might also be able to visit us by slipping in and out of these mysterious dimensions without the need for sophisticated spacecraft.

In addition, although many might be biological entities or have a biological component, some anomalous beings might be some kind of energy operating outside of what we think of as normal biological life.


The other important questions regarding either extraterrestrial visitors from another planet or other mysterious beings of various kinds involve their possible motives and objectives. Are they friendly, hostile or somewhere in between? If there is some hidden agenda, what is it?

Are they straightforward and honest or deceptive? And if there deception – why? Is it simply “operational security (OPSEC)” of the kind we use ourselves in certain activities to help ensure success? If so, this could work to our benefit if their mission is to help us.

Some people believe in angels and the activities of good entities who watch over us and help humankind in many ways. These types of beings, if they truly exist, are said to operate in discreet, unseen and secret ways, much like some sort of intelligence agents.

Could other kinds of intelligent beings, including extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional ones, also work in similar secretive and covert ways?

A related consideration is that other intelligent beings, possibly of many kinds, could be trying to educate us and affect our thinking. They might be waiting for, or even actively assisting humanity in the development of a more advanced consciousness within us.

People try to persuade and influence each other all the time through many kinds of “perception management.” These can be applied constructively to help a target population or damaging if used toward harmful outcomes.

Some researchers indicate that the field of study involving UFOs, extraterrestrials and other mysterious kinds of phenomena is full of deception and perception management cover stories, both by the unusual phenomena themselves and by some of the humans involved in trying to deal with them.


When we discuss the idea of “disclosure” of government files about UFOs and visitors from the stars or other dimensions, we might also want to recognize the limitations of what this alleged government-held information might tell us.

There certainly seem to be strong indications that the U.S. and other governments and organizations have been looking into these kinds of anomalous phenomena for quite a while, at least since the mid-1940s. There has probably been useful information obtained as well as attempts to interpret what it all means.

Puzzle pieces involving possible different technologies and various types of beings could be part of these scenarios. And, it is also possible that we have not yet put all the puzzle pieces together. There still may be several unknowns in play.

A major consideration in greater understanding about these possibilities seems to be the mental, emotional and even spiritual preparedness of humans about these mysteries.

And, it may not be so simple as friendly visitors from another planet who want to help us and show us their advanced technologies, though those could be aspects of the situation.

This is why some people advocate a safe and discreet orientation and acclimation process to educate Americans and people worldwide about the nature of the possible elements involved.

It might not be simply that “we are not alone.” The very nature of Nature and the dynamics of the Universe or multi-verse around us and within us might be different than what we learned in school.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Intelligence officials may have unique approaches for UFOs, ETs

By Steve Hammons

If extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional beings or other intelligences are visiting Earth as some researchers suspect, are we approaching the situation in the best way?

This discussion has been in the news recently due to the comments of physicists Stephen Hawking and Paul Davies as well as other emerging developments.

As reported in the book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" by scientist Colm Kelleher, PhD, and journalist George Knapp, researcher Jacques Vallee recounts a situation in his own book "Messengers of Deception" that describes his interaction with a person he calls “Major Murphy.”

Vallee wrote, “Then he posed a question that, obvious as it seems, had not really occurred to me: ‘What makes you think UFOs are a scientific problem?’”

Vallee said to Murphy, “The UFO phenomenon could be controlled by alien beings.”

To this, Murphy responded, “If it is, then the study of it doesn’t belong in science. It belongs in intelligence.”

“Meaning counterespionage,” Vallee noted. “And that, he [Murphy] pointed out, was his domain.”

Murphy told Vallee, “In the field of counterespionage, the rules are completely different.”

Murphy advised Vallee “ ... you should look for the irrational, the bizarre, the elements that do not fit ... Have you ever felt you were getting close to something that didn’t seem to fit any rational pattern, yet gave you the strong impression that it was significant?”


Does Vallee’s mysterious source Major Murphy have a point? Is the conventional scientific approach used by humans in our current stage of understanding the only or best way to deal with the question of possible anomalous visitation to Earth and contact with humans?

We might consider the same question when pondering other interesting phenomena. What about life after death and the alleged dimension we call the afterlife? How about extrasensory perception (ESP) of various kinds?

There may be several complementary paths that can be used to explore these and other fascinating topics. The conventional scientific approach has an important role. First-hand experiences and intuitive perception about certain phenomena might also be helpful.

And, as Major Murphy told Vallee, intelligence and counterintelligence concepts and methods might also be valuable and useful. The integration of these different ways of perceiving current situations might lead to a synergy of transcendent perspective and understanding.

Maybe this is part of what has been termed “transcendent warfare.” The phrase was used by a Navy SEAL officer for a research paper about the U.S. defense and intelligence program on advanced human perception, Project STAR GATE.

The follow-on concept of “transcendent power” is meant to be one that is complementary to and synergistic with the military, diplomatic and persuasive elements called “hard power,” “soft power” and “smart power.” Major Murphy might have even been referring to something we could call “transcendent intelligence and counterintelligence.”


Just as average people from many walks of life try to become familiar with scientific developments, current events and contemporary issues of various kinds, our exposure to intelligence concepts might also be helpful.

In fact, “open source intelligence (OSINT)” is simply the information out there in the media, the Web, books, movies, TV shows and elsewhere that we can access and interpret. In this sense, all people can become agents of transcendent intelligence. This perspective about the grassroots awareness and empowerment of average human beings might also create increased synergy that can contribute to progress in many areas of human development.

When it comes to normal current events as well as unconventional topics such as UFOs, ETs, ESP, life after death and angels, a higher intelligence and many other mysteries of Nature and the Universe, we probably all have potential access to greater understanding.

We might even consider that OSINT, though it typically refers to gathering open information from conventional sources, might also have leading-edge aspects related to unusual or alternative acquisition of knowledge and understanding.

That is, greater perception by average people at the grassroots can include normal information-gathering and more forward-leaning methods, such as intuition and advanced perception that have been identified by U.S. intelligence and defense programs such as Project STAR GATE.

By exploring these kinds of transcendent intelligence, it is possible that we can learn more about the many mysteries that seem to hold the potential for important discoveries.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awareness grows about extraterrestrials, consciousness, emerging mysteries

By Steve Hammons

Researchers, journalists and others seem to be re-evaluating reports about unconventional U.S. defense and intelligence activities regarding contact and interaction with extraterrestrial life.

The “situation awareness” about possible visitation to Earth by extraterrestrials, as well as other emerging scientific understanding about many phenomena, appears to be steadily improving.

The nature of time and space, advanced research in human consciousness and the nature of apparent mysterious intelligences in the Universe or “multi-verse” are just a few of the key areas in leading-edge and forward-leaning investigations.

There are specific areas of interest and study as well as broad themes and indications that probably are worth paying significant attention to.

There are misconceptions as well as misinformation about some anomalous and mysterious phenomena. And, there are many areas of importance that we just don’t fully understand, according to some researchers.


To address, respond to and enhance increasing interest in various kinds of edge-science developments, new education, communication and information platforms are coming forward.

For example, Open Minds Production in Tempe, Arizona, provides online news, radio, TV and related resources about certain unconventional areas of study. Their Open Minds magazine also explores extraterrestrial contacts, UFO research and other fascinating topics.

Interestingly, Tempe is also home to Arizona State University’s Beyond Center for Fundamental Research, led by Dr. Paul Davies, author of the book The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The Beyond Center, staffed by ASU professors from diverse fields, is investigating and discussing a wide and deep range of emerging scientific knowledge.

The new magazine EdgeScience, associated with the Society for Scientific Exploration, recently published its third edition. This publication also looks at forward-leaning views and research in a variety of scientific fields.

And, information continues to surface about the U.S. defense and intelligence communities’ research into human consciousness, extrasensory perception and remote viewing.

Usually referred to by the final code name known to the public, Project STAR GATE, these research and operational intelligence activities provided tremendous new understanding about the potential of human perception and awareness.

Through these and other efforts, there appears to be increasing awareness that there is much to be learned and understood about unknowns and mysteries in Nature around us and within us.


The recent attention paid to an account of the alleged U.S. investigation, apprehension, interrogation and “deportation” of a human-looking extraterrestrial reflects changing perspectives on such possible situations.

Referred to as “Operation TANGO-SIERRA” in recent online accounts, in 1980 U.S. defense and intelligence agents reportedly intervened in the ongoing contact between the extraterrestrial and a federal employee that had begun in 1977.

The initial source for this report is allegedly one of a handful of current and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials who for the last several years have been releasing information about U.S. government activities involving extraterrestrial contact.

The DIA source put a researcher and educator, Victor Martinez, in touch with another source from an unnamed government agency. Martinez then passed the report on via e-mail to a large list of researchers, current and former government officials, and others.

These same current or former DIA officials had reportedly followed similar procedures leading up to the release of information in late 2005 about an exchange program between the U.S. and a friendly extraterrestrial race of beings.

The program, which reportedly began in the early 1960s, sent 12 carefully selected and trained U.S. military personnel to the home planet of these extraterrestrials for a planned ten-year stay.

The effort, referred to in the releases as “Project SERPO,” may have been the basis for part of Steven Spielberg’s 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Are reports about Operation TANGO-SIERRA and Project SERPO entirely true? Are they partially accurate mixed with inaccurate information? This is obviously difficult to determine. It is possible that there are truths “between the lines,” though the details might be altered or even untrue.

The broad concepts about UFOs, extraterrestrial visitation and U.S. government engagement in the situation may, though, be truthful. What general messages can be taken from these two accounts?

It seems that some of the main themes are: ETs and possibly other anomalous intelligences are here on Earth, certain U.S. government elements have been actively involved for quite a while and the situation is complex, sensitive and challenging.

In addition, the wider public may have a “need to know” through a gradual, safe and steady process of information, communication, education and acclimation.

For more information, visit Open Minds Production at OpenMinds.tv, the Arizona State University Beyond Center and the first three editions of EdgeScience magazine on the Web site of the Society for Scientific Exploration.