Saturday, July 14, 2012

Roswell was ET crash, says ex-CIA officer – what’s been going on since 1947?

By Steve Hammons

Now that former CIA officer Chase Brandon has said publicly that the Roswell case was truly the crash of an extraterrestrial craft, the next big question for interested Americans and others internationally seems to be “What has happened in the 65 years since this incident?”

It’s probably fair to say that the Roswell case is the tip of the iceberg. What else has gone on since the summer of 1947? What have we discovered? What are important factors to consider?

There has been a robust amount of curiosity and inquiry over the years by various researchers, journalists, creative media producers and others. For most of us though, the answer is that we don’t really know what’s been discovered or what might be going on. Yet, we can probably make some educated guesses.

The Roswell case itself is probably the easiest to figure out in general terms due to the amount of research and disclosure about it. There are possible or probable scenarios based on various research and reports.

According to these reports, the craft and bodies were gathered up from the property where rancher and cowboy Mac Brazel found the crash debris field. The craft and deceased bodies were flown to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) for examination at the foreign technology evaluation center there under tight security and secrecy, including a cover story given to the press.


Some researchers claim that one of the four “extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs)” was alive. It was given medical attention and held in a secure area. Efforts were made to communicate with this being to learn more.

According to some reports based on open-source information available, communication eventually was established with “EBE-1” with the help of linguistic experts and we learned much about the “Eben” planet and activities. Some accounts say we were eventually able to establish communication with EBE-1’s people using technology aboard the crashed spacecraft and with the help of EBE-1.

In the following years, we learned more about the technology of the craft, the science of space travel and other helpful information.

And then there is the related story that is even more amazing: By the early ‘60s, the idea of an exchange program between Americans and Ebens was underway and a highly-classified project was in motion. Open-source reports have said this operation was called Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT.

Allegedly, in 1965, at a secure location in the American southwest, 12 specially-selected and highly-trained U.S. military personnel boarded an Eben spacecraft with tons of supplies and equipment for a proposed 10-year stay on the Eben planet. At least that is the story.

The mission actually ended up lasting more than 12 years and the U.S. team returned to Earth in 1978. However, only eight of the personnel returned. Two reportedly passed on during the mission, one from a medical condition and one from injuries sustained in an accident. Two others chose to remain on the Eben planet. The program code name was reportedly changed to Project SERPO after the team members returned and were debriefed.

We learned a tremendous amount from the Ebens. We continue to have good relations with them and consider them friends and allies.

These are some of the perspectives and accounts out there. Whether these reports are true, partially true or inaccurate is challenging to determine.


According to some reports, through learning from the Ebens and other intelligence-gathering, we established that there were several types of intelligent extraterrestrials visiting Earth. Not all are as friendly as the Ebens. Their agendas are different.

Over the past six decades, U.S., and probably international intelligence and scientific efforts may have been extensive, say some researchers. Defense contingency plans were developed. Operations were implemented to gather more information on an ongoing basis. Diplomatic efforts were also in play.

Some researchers say that we were able to acquire and understand much about the advanced technology used by the Ebens and probably other types of visitors. Certain technology acquired this way has been integrated into U.S. aerospace community, particularly in the defense area, as well as other fields, it has been alleged.

In addition to the fairly concrete and straightforward information-gathering about the Ebens and others, as well as their technology, we learned about various solar systems and planets. Importantly, we acquired new perspectives on the nature of the Universe, hidden dimensions, advanced physics, the nature of time and space, human consciousness and human development.

And, visitation to Earth by other intelligent beings may have been going on long before 1947 – possibly for many centuries and even in ancient times and in the far distant past, according to some theories.

As early as the ‘50s and ‘60s, it was determined that, at some point, the American public needed to get acclimated and prepared for this new knowledge about extraterrestrials. Walt Disney himself was approached to develop a film, and work on that project was started but then discontinued. It has been claimed that other efforts to gradually and safely prepare us for this knowledge were implemented.

Public safety concerns were also considered to be significant. The firefighter training manual “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” is probably one of the best-known resources for public safety officials to prepare for UFO-related incidents.

Along the way, many other situations and sightings involving UFOs have occurred, sometimes with extensive news media coverage. Some journalists demonstrated more insight in covering these topics while others were reluctant to tackle these admittedly sensitive subjects, for various reasons

There is still much we do not know or do not fully understand at this time.

According to some research, elements of our defense, intelligence and scientific communities have tried to handle the situation in a reasonable manner. There may have been mistakes and missteps along the way.

We may wonder if, at this point in time, July 2012, the American and international public is much more prepared psychologically, emotionally and spiritually to deal with some of these developments. What about our defense and public safety preparedness?

These are some of the seemingly valid questions that we can again ask ourselves in light of the reports about Chase Brandon’s recent comments. And, all of us may be able to help answer these questions.

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