Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CIA veteran says Roswell was extraterrestrial crash

By Steve Hammons

A 35-year veteran of the CIA has come forward to say that he believes the 1947 Roswell incident was the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Chase Brandon worked as a field agent, including undercover operations, in various CIA covert activities during his career, according to news reports and his website.

He states that he gained access to a vault at CIA headquarters that contained documents and photos that proved to him that the Roswell case actually did involve extraterrestrial visitors and a crashed spacecraft.

So who is Chase Brandon? His website says, “For twenty-five years he served in the Agency’s elite Clandestine Service as an undercover, covert operations officer. He operated under a range of official and private sector covers, sometimes using alias names and physical disguises.”

The website also notes, “During intermittent assignments at headquarters, he was also an Agency foreign political affairs analyst, presidential briefer, and an instructor in tactical paramilitary and espionage tradecraft disciplines at secret CIA training camps.”

“He has worked for over forty years in the U.S. intelligence community, Department of Defense and federal and state law enforcement organizations as a specialist in classic espionage operations and covert paramilitary activities,” the website says. “He has lived and traveled abroad in over seventy countries, and as a senior operations officer, he has served a number of times as chief or deputy of Agency field installations.”


Currently, Brandon is promoting his book “The Cryptos Conundrum.” His website calls the book “a sci-fi, political conspiracy thriller about CIA’s cover-up of the Roswell UFO crash.”

A brief synopsis of the book on his website includes this description of the story: “Dr. Jonathan Chalmers heads the CIA unit that safeguards the greatest secret our government has ever kept – and he plans for its consequences. He knows the truth about the Roswell UFO crash … and the convergence of alien forces ordained to wage a galactic battle on Earth, fighting to possess whatever remains of Earth.”

Interestingly, in his final 10 years with the CIA, Brandon served as contact point between the agency and the publishing and entertainment fields. He has been a technical consultant for many major films and TV shows, including documentaries and news programs.

Recent media coverage of his claims about seeing proof related to the Roswell case has sparked widespread interest, especially because of his background.

Yet, the fact that someone with involvement in the intelligence field has an interest in, and knowledge about extraterrestrial visitation should not be surprising. Many individuals and groups with defense and intelligence backgrounds have been actively involved in researching the questions and challenges related to extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.

Some of these researchers do their work behind the scenes, sometimes as part of official activities. Others express their curiosity and interest outside of official government channels. And some are involved in both official duties and unofficial activities in connection with the UFO phenomena and related elements.


Public understanding about the topics of UFOs, alien visitors and other unusual phenomena seems to be an area that is both important and timely now.

As we know, for decades the Roswell incident and many other similar cases over the years reportedly have been handled in ways that help ensure security and secrecy.

While continuing to maintain appropriate security as an important and valid aspect of this ongoing scenario, it may also be time to continue to improve public knowledge about at least some of the factors involved.

We probably need to wrap our minds around this situation in more up-to-date ways.

This possible public education process could very well have been part of Brandon’s activities with the movie, TV and publishing areas. Maybe one day he will provide further clues about his operations in these fields.

Just how many visits has he had with Steven Spielberg anyway?

The complexity of the alien visitation situation probably should not be underestimated. Technology, psychology, biology, advanced physics and the very nature of our Universe are undoubtedly key parts of our increasing understanding and knowledge. How intelligence information on these subjects relates to national security and global security is probably also quite important.

We seem to be in a transition period where absolute secrecy about alien visitors is transforming into, or working hand-in-hand with more robust public education and preparedness. These efforts may be straightforward as well as covert, discreet and subtle.

Brandon’s recent public statements, coming from a person with his training and experience, do seem to take public awareness about this situation to a whole new level. Public education, preparedness and awareness about this apparently complex and sensitive topic may have taken a few steps forward thanks to Brandon’s efforts.