Sunday, March 29, 2009

Transcendent warfare, transcendent power have potential

By Steve Hammons

Despite the current economic, geopolitical, climatic and other disruptions and difficulties, modern human societies still seem to have vast potential to move forward using concepts related to the idea of "transcendent warfare."

The word "warfare" here should not be interpreted in a rigid way that only denotes conflict, killing and destruction. 

Rather, transcendent warfare considers different ways of looking at complex situations of many kinds. This approach strives to use emerging discoveries, insights and understanding about human beings and the environments in which we function.

To expand the concept of transcendent warfare and to clarify possible underlying characteristics of certain elements involved with it, we might also use terms like transcendent power, transcendent perspectives, transcendent activities and the like.


An important aspect of the concept of transcendent thinking is the openness to new discoveries, unconventional approaches and innovative methods.

In addition, transcendent approaches merge the unconventional with the conventional. They blend innovation with established methods. Transcendent efforts strive to create a synergy of various elements.

In geopolitical activities, the balanced use of hard power and soft power leads to the enhancement of both methods – and often to more successful results. Transcendent power brings another valuable asset into this mix.

Transcendent understanding, while embracing outside-the-box concepts, stays deeply rooted in tried-and-true fundamentals. 

For example, this was the case in the research, development and operational activities of U.S. Government intelligence efforts involving a variety of elements commonly referred to as Project STAR GATE. Standard scientific methods were utilized to measure and verify unconventional human perception and information acquisition. These efforts were also merged with conventional intelligence, defense and security resources and actions.


Discussions in many diverse fields are now focusing on innovative and creative ideas along with solutions to achieve various worthwhile objectives. In media, education, government, defense, medicine and health care, economics, sciences, engineering, technology, arts, agriculture, natural resources conservation and other activities, transcendent perspectives also can contribute to more effective outcomes.

How can we utilize new insights and even ancient knowledge to move forward now? How can we mix very unconventional situations and out-of-this-world discoveries with rooted down-to-Earth human experience?

These seem to be formidable challenges, similar to the challenge faced by a Navy SEAL officer who attempted to explain in a research report the surprising scientific and intelligence findings from Project STAR GATE.

Since these transcendent viewpoints can include ideas about quantum physics, human biology, human consciousness, mysterious natural phenomena and other factors, we face an interesting situation when trying to make the most of the information at hand.

However, by learning more about the topics and research associated with transcendent activities, the puzzle pieces just might start coming together.