Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adventures of the Joint Recon Study Group


The word “intelligence” takes on new meaning in my two novels. The books follow the exciting adventures and discoveries of a San Diego-based top-secret intelligence team of ten women and men.

In "Mission Into Light" and the sequel "Light's Hand" members of the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group conduct research on mysterious topics that have captured the interest of millions of people worldwide.

Readers join the research team in the exploration of strange and unknown phenomena, and of themselves.

Right now, the human race needs all the intelligence we can get our hands on. Intelligence in the broadest meaning of that word.

The dedicated members of the JRSG intelligence team conduct investigations into current and future human evolution, deep-memory DNA theories, ESP, near-death experiences, Navy dolphin projects, past and future Earth geological disasters, UFOs, crop circles, and ancient Native American culture and legends.

They travel from San Diego to the Arizona Sonoran Desert; Sedona, Arizona; the “Four Corners” area; Durango, Colorado, in the southern Rockies; New Mexico; and Oahu, Hawaii.

The researchers try to put together pieces of a strange cosmic puzzle. They conduct urgent operations to understand emerging intelligence affecting the United States, the human race and planet Earth.

Sudden, seemingly miraculous events surprise even the most open-minded and hopeful members of the group.

Or maybe these events and processes are just natural. Maybe Nature, Earth and the Great Spirit are revealing phenomena the human race is finally ready to understand.


What starts out as a phone call and job offer to forty-something Arizonan Mike Green quickly evolves into a mystifying adventure into the unknown.

Mike is recruited into a quasi-scientific Defense Department research team based in San Diego. He starts his job with the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group. Ten women and men comprise the JRSG. Several loyal allies, and deadly opponents, soon emerge.

The JRSG and its friends search for information on unusual national security-related issues and mysteries. Connections between these areas are discovered as well as links to the past and the future of Earth and the human race.

The women and men of the research group explore ancient questions and modern discoveries crucial to the evolution and survival of humanity. Group members explore Arizona, the “Four Corners” region, and Oahu, Hawaii.

They face experiences that are scientific, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The group uncovers dangerous threats to their investigation, to the United States, Earth, and human civilization.

Mike feels he’s getting in over his head at times. Even with the support and fellowship of the research group and friends, he faces extreme circumstances alone.

In the midst of dangers and challenges, there is romantic heat between him and Amy Mella, one of the group’s dolphin researchers.

This is also a story of relationships between women and men, military and civilian, the intelligence community and the average American. It is an exploration of phenomena and mysteries that now rightly hold the interest and attention of millions of people worldwide.

The novel climaxes in a hidden canyon on the Navajo Nation in far northeastern Arizona. In a kiva, one of the large sunken stone circles of the ancient Anasazi people, many VIPs attend a special field conference. Sudden discoveries, dangers, and the experience of the strange unknown shock those present.

The characters in "Mission Into Light" follow paths of discovery and knowledge to find new understanding of their nation, the human species, and the hoped-for breakthrough that will change the world.


In this sequel to my first novel, "Mission Into Light," I share with readers the continuing thought-provoking metaphysical adventure with the top secret Joint Reconnaissance Study Group.

This small Defense Department research group of ten women and men moves forward with their intelligence investigation of unusual phenomena: UFOs, near-death experiences, ESP, dolphin intelligence, modern physics, Earth changes theories, deep DNA memory concepts, and Native American culture and legends.

Other strange phenomena emerge and challenge the researchers, who travel from their San Diego base to the Four Corners area; Durango, Colorado; and Flagstaff, Arizona; as well as the Arizona Sonoran Desert.

The main characters, Mike Green and Air Force Captain Amy Mella, are deployed to the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona after the National Security Agency reports a strange signal coming from deep space. The message is in Morse code, and in the World War Two Navajo Code Talker code.

In the midst of urgent developments in and around the Four Corners area, Mike and Amy explore the depths of their love relationship and learn more about each other. About their passion, and compassion.

The dedicated researchers put together pieces of a cosmic puzzle just in the nick of time. Because strange and mysterious developments are underway. A sudden increase in crop circles, requests for safehouses on higher ground, and an ancient Cherokee legend are parts of this puzzle.

A breakthrough occurs when a strange event and process kick the researchers into high gear, and the group acts as a rapid response team to the site of a possible miracle.