Sunday, April 6, 2008

Joint Recon Study Group looks into emerging breakthrough

Brief Overview of Mission

Can the human race make a breakthrough that will change the world? Special reseachers could be working on this very thing.

Many people hope for some kind of breakthrough into a new world, where the human race can make progress and discover greater peace and prosperity. Some people hope for and believe that a miracle of some kind might happen.

Will the natural world change in some way? Might we become more aware of other hidden dimensions around us? Could spiritual beliefs and views of Heaven and Earth actually prove to be based on scientific realities?

What part do UFOs and other unusual phenomena play? Is human consciousness changing, as we discover more about ESP and things like "remote viewing?"

We know that many people are researching and working on questions like this. What have they found? And what might it mean to all of us?

Some of us are hopeful. Some of us are cynical. Some of us hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

In my novels, "Mission Into Light" and the sequel "Light's Hand," ten women and men are brought together in a special joint-service team for a sensitive and classified intelligence research project.

From their base in San Diego, they conduct research on several interesting areas, some seemingly unrelated. But, they keep getting indications that something may happen: a breakthrough process and event of some kind.

They suspect that the paths of research they are following will lead them to some kind of success. Success for their fellow Americans, for the human race and for planet Earth.